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The Critical Thinking Business

The Critical Thinking Business

The article focuses on the role of critical thinking in leadership. The writer is of the opinion that legendary leaders are so because they have the ability to think through an issue in an extra ordinary way. Unlike ordinary leaders, legendary leaders possess the ability to make the right decision in the midst of tumultuous times. This is because they are able to see not only the visible issues about the problem at hand but also more importantly the invisible issues surrounding the problem. They are able to address the root cause of the issue at hand as opposed to the visible symptoms only. Ordinary leaders make decisions guided by the visible issues, which in most cases are the symptoms of an invisible problem. Such decisions are bound to fail because they only address the symptoms as opposed to the root causes.

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Legendary leaders are also able to forecast the outcome of the decision they are about to make. They therefore make a decision guided by the expected outcome in the end as opposed to meeting short-term goals and objectives. It is this kind of thinking that Martin Luther Jr. had in mind. He knew that non-confrontational protests would be better in meeting the short-term goal of peace but chose the confrontational means that would force the nation to piece its conscience and offer greater freedoms and rights to African-Americans. He therefore focused on the main goal of pressing for equal rights between races and believed that it was achievable though it looked impossible in the meantime. He also expected resistance from the whites and death as the price to pay to push his agenda through.

The author’s purpose was to point out what makes a difference in leadership. His position is that great leaders focus on the issue behind the issues and are able to see the unseen. The author’s approach is convincing because he focuses on two main points and expounds on them using real life examples.

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