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Article: Maidment, N. and Jones, R. (2013). InterContinental Profit Rise Led by U.S. Growth. New York Times. Retrieved from

The international business article, “InterContinental Profit Rise Led by U.S. Growth” is reported by the New York Times magazine by Reuters explain the achievement of InterContinental Hotels Group in what is seen as a result of the US effort in reaching out to emerging markets. It was retrieved online on February 19, 2013 from  It explains how the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) realized huge operating profit totaling to $614 million, before a $605 million company supplied compromise estimate due to the United States foreign policy on emerging markets.

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IHG realized a major boost in profits in 2012 due to the US strong expansion in emerging markets. The US relations in the international realm have posted a good thriving environment for the IHG with a total value of 5.3 billion pounds. The IHG shares closed at 1989 pence which was a significant 41 percent rise one year ago something that has largely been contributed by the US move to venture into business along with expansion in emerging markets globally.

This article shows how government policy is important in promoting economic development. All development partners both in the public and in the private policy are able to benefit from good international relations. This report by Reuters gives a positive image for local investors on expansion and growth of their business. This leads to a more grown economy that is good for creating jobs and economic space for many other outlets to provided similar or auxiliary services just to mention but a few. My opinion on this news is that, the government of any state or nation plays a very significant role in boosting the economic welfare of its citizens and development partners. 

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