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Recruitment in outsourcing: is it the right business process to trust?


It could not be denied that globalization has indeed affected the procedures by which business organizations are operating in the business industries at present. The different approaches to business success have already changed over the past few decades due to the changing face of the many sectors of modern industries. It is through this particular changes that the realization of human individuals and business entrepreneurs towards the responsibilities that they have in connection with bringing progress to their business organizations have also changed in a great deal of manner that affected the procedures by which they hire their workers.

The researcher of this study aims to identify the effectiveness as well as that of the different disadvantages that are to be given attention to as the process of recruitment in outsourcing is given particular attention to. Through practical approach to the discussion, it could be noticed that there are some issues that needs to be given attention to especially when it comes to the applicability of recruitment in outsourcing towards the different business functions that many for-profit organizations today are undergoing. Moreover, it could be noticed too that somehow, the different manifestations of success among business organizations that engaged in recruitment in outsourcing is incomparable. However, the issue on this procedure’s applicability and effect on other organizations raises some questions of whether or not the system works for every business venture or if it is really comparable with the other systems of business progress consideration that have been utilized before by other organizations.


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The carrying of the consideration with regards that of the innovative approach to learning and improvement on the part of organizations in the field of IT application industries shall also be discussed within this research. Through understanding this particular issue, it is expected that the implicative approach on showing how the different factors of recruitment outsourcing could actually affect an organization’s growth. To be able to handle this, here are some questions that could be carried into particular attention for the foregoing of the study:

(a)   Recruitment outsourcing is dependent on allocating work responsibilities towards lower end work laborers. This means that the allocation of jobs is directed to the countries where the need for employment is greater. The question is, how sure is the outsourcing company that it is through this process that they are able to garner the different monetary savings that they are expecting to earn from the said business approach?

(b)   With the recruitment of workers from other countries, international management should also be considered. With the aim of maintaining quality amidst lower-pay issues on labor and financing, the organizations that plan to outsource should also be able to establish a fine dependable system that could assist them into becoming more insistent on the quality. How then shall organizations fund the training for these new workers from outside the base country? Would it not mean that the training would lose the companies more funds, or is it actually a practical investment to consider?

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(c)    Learning and innovation are two particular elements that should be considered in recruitment outsourcing. Finding the right location, the right skills at the right price may be one of the most important challenges that outsourcing business operators need to give attention to. According to the reading on Innovation: Shifting the strategic focus released on the 2007 issue of IBM Institute for Business Value, outsourcing has its own advantages and disadvantages and the capability of one particular entrepreneur or a business organization to handle the issues in a balanced way is the real key to this business approach’s success (Lesser, 2007, 3). How then could this particular situation be given particular solution?

These questions ought to provide a better guide to the researcher as to what particular indicative issues should be given solution especially in connection with the application of recruitment outsourcing on the part of the business organizations who would like to embark on the investment that could bring them great returns in the future. The seriousness of the issue and the different factors that could bring in success for this matter of concern shall be the primary foundation of this discussion that the researcher is aiming to complete as the interweaving of the literary resources with the methodology phase that shall be implicated by the researcher of this study. Cases are also to be seen through as the research aims to give an actual view of what the reality behind recruitment outsourcing is all about.

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In this research, a focus on IBM ISSC Hungary shall be better focused upon. It could be sensed that it is through this that the process of identifying the effects of recruitment in outsourcing shall be examined. Through this company observation process, it could be noticed that the researcher expects that this research would be a mirror of applicability. Something that would bring about the chances of showing other business organizations the process of recruitment in outsourcing that might work for them if in case they are indeed planning to use it as an operational application for their company’s development.

Basically, this topic has been chosen by the researcher due to the popularity of its impact on the business organizations today. This is especially true with regards IT organizations around the globe which is in the same line with that of the company in focus. Through picking this topic, the researcher believes that there are certain issues that could be further clarified fir the business owners who ought to utilize modern technological industries and the options that they provide when it comes to hiring people from the different parts of the world.

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Literature Review and Conceptual Framework

Many business organizers say that recruitment in outsourcing works while some other disagree. In this research, an approach to handle the differences of the opinions of different business owners around the globe shall be carried into practical consideration. Through the utilization of five basic readings, the researcher of this study shall try to gain the knowledge needed to discuss the different aspects of recruitment in outsourcing that most business operators are concerned with.

First to consider is that of the strategy that needs to be noted when one organization aims to expand their reach of employees through recruitment in outsourcing which could be garnered from the authored reading of Maurice Greaver II entitled “Strategic Recruitment in outsourcing: A Structured Approach to Recruitment in outsourcing Decisions and Initiatives”. This reading shall bring in a proper sense of recognition towards the different approaches and issues of development that needs to be given attention to when the consideration for recruitment in outsourcing is heightened. The knowledge to be taken from this reading shall be further supported by the implicative resources written by Mark Power and Douglas Brown which are entitled “The Recruitment in outsourcing Handbook: How to Implement a Successful Recruitment in outsourcing Process” and “The Black Book of Recruitment in outsourcing: How to Manage the Changes, Challenges, and Opportunities” respectively, These readings are expected to provide proper identification of the different business cases that relate to the issue on how or why recruitment in outsourcing has become one of the latest business innovations that are carried into proper consideration by that of the many organizational groups at present that are established for profiting purposes.

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On the aspect of understanding the essential monetary effects of recruitment in outsourcing to the business industries jumping into the band wagon of this modern business approach, the reading authored by Ron Hira entitled “Recruitment in outsourcing America: The True Cost of Shipping Jobs Overseas and What Can Be Done About It” shall be utilized. Cross referencing it with the situation that Hungary has to deal with is expected to create a proper indication on the part of assessing the actual cost of modern recruitment in outsourcing on the part of the business administrators who are pursing the use of the said business application. Through identifying the different resourceful cases that are presented by the author in this reading, the researcher of this study intends to utilize the knowledge gained in explaining how IBM ISSC could better fair in the recruitment in outsourcing industries that are already reaching out to the world in Hungary.

Another important reading to give particular attention to is that of the work of Thomas M. Koulopoulos entitled “Smartsourcing: Driving Innovation and Growth through Recruitment in outsourcing”. This reading shall further open up the identifiable issues that could relate to the growth of individual business owners in the industries of modern systems of labor benchmarking. In this reading, there are also some special cases of business ventures that both failed and succeed in the process of adapting recruitment in outsourcing into their system. Considerably, it could be noted that somehow, the improved sense of the issue shall be better tackled through the comparison of those who were able to manage the different implications that ought to be given particular attention to when the issue of recruitment in outsourcing is being discussed.

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Through the collective utilization of the five primary readings and cross referencing them with journals of other researchers who aimed to tackle the same issue on modern business operations, the researcher of this study shall better imply the different effects of recruitment in outsourcing towards the development and progress of many business organizations in the industry who embraced the innovation and prepared themselves for all the consequences that could be expected from the application of this approach to business operations. Through this, the researcher plans to engage in proper business indication that intends to present how strategy could affect the recruitment in outsourcing operation that IBM ISSC is undergoing at present.

Yes, it could not be denied that through this approach to the literary review, the researcher is further preparing to correlate every reading towards each other and identify as to how each particular reading relates to the other. Practically, the indication of this relation shall lead to the well directed discussion that aims to indicate the effects of recruitment in outsourcing in a manner that could be well understood by anyone who might be new to the concept.

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However, these pre-assigned literary readings are only a particular presentation of what is still to be added to the literary collection that needs to be examined as part of the considerable approach that could assess the difference on how outsourcing really is and how it actually intend to develop a good sense of proper business growth. Through exemplary applications on the part of the cases that are to be examined in this study, the researcher shall try to intertwine the results with that of the intended indicative discussion that are to be presented through this research. The idealisms and the thoughts towards the innovative learning that needs to be given particular attention to shall be better improved through the utilization of all the literary sources that shall be collected for the completion of this study.

Research Design and Methodology

Besides the utilization of applicable readings for the topic, the researcher also intends to mandate the indication of how the different cases of recruitment in outsourcing approaches have already affected business operations in the past and how the growth of this business application actually affects the process of creating a new sense of industrial development to business organizations all around the globe. To be able to pass through the different issues relating to business recruitment in outsourcing, the researcher shall use these questions as guidelines as to where the discussion should actually lead to:

(a)   What is recruitment in outsourcing and how is it actually affecting the modern business industries then and now?

(b)   How the different approaches to recruitment in outsourcing are affective on the part of the development of the different organizations engaging in this process and how well are they able to cope with the risks of this business approach?

(c)   What are the particular factors that contribute to the worth of recruitment in outsourcing to several business organizations today? Are there any particular elemental factors that could be given attention to by the business administrators as to how they should actually apply this system of labor extension?

(d)   For IBM ISSC, what are the evident past records of this organization when it comes to development and progress in the field of IT industries and how could recruitment in outsourcing further improve this particular stand towards the aim of furthering the influence of the said business in connection with the market that they are aiming to consider?

These primary considerations are to be given particular matter of attention so as to indicate the different effects of recruitment in outsourcing and how they could be dealt with. Through particularly discussing some of the actual cases that involve the Hungarian business organizations that already engaged in the process of recruitment in outsourcing, the researcher of this research intends to manifest a particular mandate on how matters should be considered as part of the progress campaign of every organization.

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In connection with this, an online interview and survey shall also be conducted by the researcher. Through reaching out to people who might or might not have an understanding of what recruitment in outsourcing really is, the researcher shall intend to scale the real relation that people have on the identifiable effects of recruitment in outsourcing to the modern community of workers who intend to utilize their skills to earn a living for their loved ones. How is this supposed to be handled?

The researcher is prepared to handle survey and interview sessions to a random sample population who are supposed to be picked online. A forum topic shall be posted within two forum listings with regards the issues on recruitment in outsourcing, the results shall be waited upon for a week and the answers are to be considered as the end-results for analysis as part of the process. When the results are fully garnered, the researcher shall separate the opinions of the respondents in between the pros and the cons of recruitment in outsourcing in the views of the business owners and in the views of the workers on the other end of the issue. This segregation shall then be applied to the current business issues that IBM ISSC is practically involved in. through this, the researcher shall be able to create a connecting line between the results of the survey and the situation of the company in focus,

Timetable and References

Activity WK 1 WK 2 WK 3
Establishing of topic and research approach      
Collecting of needed references      
Handling reference segregation for topical subheadings      
Taking notes      
Draft creation      
Draft submission for approval      
Establishing forums      
Finding applicable cases      
Collecting forum results      
Analyzing results and presenting end-results through writing the discussion and analysis sections of the research      
Completing the research for final submission      




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