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Royal Bank of Scotland Group

Royal Bank of Scotland Group is managed and controlled by the State of Britain. It was started to help in giving out financial operations. It has expanded over time. Its headquarters are in Edinburgh in Scotland. The Group has opened new offices in other places in the world. This has enabled its international operations. It has offices in Japan and United States. Royal Bank of Scotland was the first bank to unveil Automated Tellers Machines. This facilitated quick services to card holders.

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RBS Group participates in offering various banking operations. Some of the banking brands include; issuing insurance to individuals as well as businesses, private banking and international banking. RBS has undergone expansion since it was started. It has extended its services internationally. The progress of RBS Group can be analyzed by considering three different times; before the financial crisis, during and after the financial crisis.

RBS Group performed well before the financial crisis. During the financial crisis of 2008-2009, RBS faced some hardships. It began to rebuild itself after the financial crisis.

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