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Staples Inc is a well-known international company that is noted for the capability of the organization to distribute top grade office and school supplies that are used in a lot of areas around the globe. Back then, Staples Inc handled business operations through direct contact and telemarketing procedures. Getting customers and having the products shipped to their area is practically the most effective process of distribution that the company has adapted. Ever since, the brand “STAPLES” have been recognized all around the globe for its quality price and its high grade level of product standard.

Now, online marketing and transactions have also been used by the company to assure their organization of the business growth that they ought to handle for the sake of company progress. Certainly, with the aid of technology, it is expected that the rate of profit that Staples is able to generate would soon increase. However, with this in consideration, it could be noticed that somehow, the level of securing the assets of the company would practically increase. The serious consideration that the organization has upon the assets that they have and the protection that they deserve to be able to continue with their business operations is today considered as an essential part of development.

Practically, to be able to provide Staples Inc with the protection that they need, it could be noticed that the government provides a good source of protection of assets for the organizations such as this. Competition acts are one among the most important lawful guidelines that are imposed prepared for organizations in competition. This law intends to protect the assets of the organizations in connection with the competitions that they are dealing with in the field of international trade. Through this, the government is able to assure that each business organization is able to completely get the best out of the market that they are serving.

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