Modern Corporate Samurai

The Samurai Warriors of Japan have been credited with influencing the lifestyles of Japanese with their code of conduct. They were held in high esteem as they were an association of selfless men ready to lay down their lives for their fellow citizens. They formed a part of the elite members of the society as they had ties with the rulers, but were in touch with the dealings of the common man. They were trained in the art of battle with the sword being their favoured tool of the assault. These men were also expected to learn and appreciate some forms of art to balance their offensive nature. They were the protectors of Japanese interests till the new weaponry i.e. guns replaced the fighting methods and they slowly disappeared from the prominence.

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Japanese corporate world has been seen to incorporate the ideal of the Samurai in their structures and operations and by doing so they increased their success. The Samurai had the following set of values to guide them, The Code of the Samurai-

a)      Justice;

b)      Courage;

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c)      Benevolence;

d)      Respect;

e)      Honesty;

f)        Honour;

g)      Loyalty;

h)      Wisdom; and

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i)        Filial Piety.(Bushido Virtues)

The Japanese organizations still practise their forefathers’ way of life not only in their private lives but also to push their economic agenda. The paper shall look at Toyota, Mitsubishi and Sony as some of the corporations which inculcated the Samurai Code fully into their operations and they in turn benefit with huge profits. 

The paper hypothesise that for Japanese companies

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