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International Internet Business. Custom International Internet Business Essay Writing Service || International Internet Business Essay samples, help

There are various strategies that companies use in order to sustain themselves in business. Businesspersons use different strategies to make their businesses sustainable. For an international Internet, retailer to be successful he or she does not need only have a storeforefront on the Internet. There are many resources that are needed for the business to be sustainable. The retailer needs more resources that the traditional retailer in the form of human resources, financial resources and other physical resources. In order to look at this subject, the paper focuses on what has made Google successful over other organizations. Google has succeeded in being the number one search engine. The company has used auctioning advertisements that appear alongside the search results. According to research Google, auction methodology, which is invented internally, has contributed to its success. Google has maximized the revenue it gets from these advertisements by giving its best position to the advertiser. This is contributed by the investment it has in human resource (Scott, 2008).  

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It has human resources who have also of knowledge in the technological field. The employees are encouraged to develop their own ideas for more than 20 percent of the time that they work. This has contributed to continuous, new development it has made. Studies also reveal that the company's perch formula tweaks over five hundred times per year. This shows the flexibility that is required in order to provide the best search engines in the Internet business. It has also invested also of financial resources in its operation. For example, it has developed page rank, which is a complex algorithm, used to measure the importance of certain pages. It has almost five hundred million variables and more than two billion terms (Dransfield,   Richards & Dooley, 2004). This demonstrates how it is crucial to invest more financial resources for the business to have a competitive advantage over other Internet companies.

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International Internet Business. Custom International Internet Business Essay Writing Service || International Internet Business Essay samples, help

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