The Ramada Group of Companies

Hotel operations are among the most crucial sections of tourism industries. The reason for this is the fact that the services provided by the business groups enjoined within this industry is more of an accommodation that is best able to offer the home extension preferences of the clients (Bluestein 90). Likely, it could not be denied that hotel managements are aware that they are expected to provide high quality service that pertains to the comfort of their clients as they chose to stay within the premises of the accommodation premises that the hotel managements are able to offer.When accommodation preferences are put into consideration, the involvement of facilities and amenities come into place. Not only that, it could not be denied too that the involvement of the service provisions extended by the service staff of the hotels is also a part of the issue. Through mandating the proper recognition of the employees towards assuring that the guests get the best service that they deserve from the hotel. Likely, right at the time of checking in, the guests are already expecting to be served well. Once the staff of employees in charge fails these expectations, the stakes for the reputation of the hotel to come down is a staggering result. This is why there are numerous employee tests handled annually among hotel staffs to be able to assure that these individuals are able to perform their duties well especially during high seasons.The Ramada group of companies is among the most well-known hotel accommodation organizations that are noted for their excellence in the hotel and accommodation services. Ranking as the seventh most sought after hotels in London and Australia, the Ramada group of companies is considered to be one of the best hotels there is considering a global scale of analysis. Through the help of modern technology and effective management procedures, it could be observed that handling the need to increase customer satisfaction becomes an easier task to complete. On the part of the Ramada group of companies, handling customer satisfaction is an essential part of their operation (Gitman, et al 54). Following herein are some of the focal points of consideration that are observed to have the most important implication on the procedures that the company uses to implicate client satisfaction among their guests.1. Knowledge of internal complaints procedure.For the past few years, the Ramada group of companies intended to recreate their system of management and employee tracking system through the utilization of modern computer programming aide. At present, they are likely much able to comply with the need and the demands of their employees as well as able to communicate well with their staff about possible changes and adjustments in the business systems that they are using. The conscious consideration that the business organizers place upon the inherent need to handle the employee's defined needs first gives them more power in demanding fine service from their workers. Yes, Ramada group of companies believe on the idea of developing a success platform for business from within.Truthfully, this approach has worked and was accounted for as the most effective way of dealing with the pressing challenge of development that the organization must face in the middle of industrial globalization happening at present. Surely, the capability of the hotel's management team to define the needs and the demands of the employees provides them a better chance to expecting more from their workers. Hence, as a result, the willingness of the employees to follow through any possible changes needed to be undergone along the way do not become so much of an issue anymore.

2. Reviewing and making changes to customers service proceduresAfter gathering the data report from the surveys that have been imposed, it is expected that the management provide ample support to their employees especially with regards the need to improve their service culture per se. how are these support systems established? First comes the process of providing a step-by-step guide among the employees which they should strictly follow as they attend to the clients' needs and demands. Through the creation of service protocol systems shall provide the employees a better improved vision as to what is actually expected on their end when it comes to defining the capability of the organization to provide outstanding service to the clients. Considerably, within these protocols, the process of serving the clients and their demands shall be outlined properly from the time that they check in towards the time when they are already to check out from the hotel's [remises.3. Customer service training that may need to be set up in light of any feedback. The adjustment of some systems of operation requires making implicative approaches to developing the servicing procedures adapted by the employees in a higher notch of concentration could be handled properly by the management. In order for this plan to work though, it must occur to the management that providing the employees some ample support is necessary.Changes always require a certain time of leeway to be implicated. Surely, the manifestation of immediate change would only hurt the capability of the organization to withstand possible problems in connection with the change applied during the later years. Hence, to avoid problems such as this from arising, it is suggested that the management allow the employees some time to adjust with the system, to compose themselves and prepare themselves towards handling the new responsibilities placed upon their shoulders in a more effective manner. (John 55)When training becomes necessary, the management should be able to consider the said requirement and provide the employees with the assistance that they need (Berry 76). Through the utilization of ample training procedures, every employee is expected to receive the skill improvement that he or she needs to be able to cope up with the new challenge that they and the entire company is facing. Yes, with this process applied. Employees are properly geared with the skills that they need to respond to further changes in the clients' attitude towards the services that they are providing.

4. Loyalty schemesFrom within towards the external sectors of the business; as the organization is motivated from within, the results of the efforts to keep the organization intact pays off as the process of servicing becomes empowered towards gearing up on the service that they are providing for the clients. Understandably, this then involves the heightened concern for increased customer satisfaction level. It is already a common knowledge that in any field of business operations, those that are able to comply with the needs of the clients in at least the most specific and accurate way are the ones that get the most number of clients who become loyal and trusting to the services and products that the said business organizations could provide them with. Besides that, the organizations providing the utmost source of customer satisfaction are the ones who are able to benefit from the most effective process of marketing and that is "by word of mouth".Imposing loyalty schemes for customers include the impressive application of "freebies" approach. Meaning giving special considerations to the needs and demands of regular clients is an utmost loyalty scheme that is used by the organization. Through giving the regular clients an extra special treatment, others who come in the hotel for the first time would be enticed to come back again and be regular so as to simply get the provisional treatment provided to the regular; thus building loyalty among guests of the hotel.5. Use of charters and code of practiceUndeniably, providing the employees with the assistance that they need to be capable of providing the clients with the satisfaction that they need to realize affects the company and its operation in a chained reaction. Constantly giving attention to the demands of the clients without thinking the needs of the employees to be under training is a specific downfall for many business organizations in the field of modern commercial industries today. As for a fact, this truth binds the capability of organizations like that of the Ramada group of companies to withstand the challenges of the changing attitudes of consumers have in effect o the operations that they are handling in the organization that they are basically taking good care of.The utilization of charters and the code of practice among employees of the organization come into light in connection with this requirement. Likely, it is only through the recognition of the responsibility of the employees to follow protocol procedures of operation shall the business be actually able to complete their task in a manner that is uniformly related to other operations in the entire hotel. For instance, if the responsibility of the clerk is to receive the guests, this responsibility goes on towards the service staff which means that the hierarchy of responsibility to respond to the needs and demands of the clients should be specifically outlined so as to assure that each employee is aware of the professional situation that they are actually involved in and the fact that they are serving their clients in a way that they are practically told to. Personal initiative on the part of the employees could also be appreciated so long as the procedures taken into account by each employee do not negate away from the main mission and vision imposed by the company.6. Organisations use a variety of feedback techniques to find out if their customers are happy with the service that they receive.Among the procedures taken into consideration by the Ramada group of companies is the adaptation of the survey and feedback system. This client-centered approach towards assuring customer satisfaction provides the company's management to see through the different operations of the organization and assure the capability of these operations to provide the best support that they could give to respond to the clients' needs. Considering the hotel branches of the business, this type of survey is usually presented in paper form handed to guests as they check out of the hotel. Through this paper-based feedback gathering, the management becomes aware of the matters that they could still adjust and the situations that they might need to deal with in connection to the servicing capabilities of their staff. (Kessler 65) The Ramada group of companies actually benefit from this process as they are able to get the opinion and the views of their clients in connection with the services that they are able to provide for them. The client centralized approach used to identify the importance of the company and its connection with the customers is further strengthened through this process. Along with this feedback gathering, several other procedures could still be included such as that of the placing of suggestion boxes right within the rooms of the guests and "satisfactory/non satisfactory" cards or chips that the clients could place in a box designated by the management. These chips are to be counted later on at the end of each day to note the service operations handled by the hotel staffs for the day.Another way is that of the online feedback option. Through this system the company is able to gain proper reactions from the guests that they have served within hotels or those others who have simply been served through their online reservation services. Through these feedbacks, the management is able to understand whether or not their online and offline services meet the standards of the clients that they ought to give assistance to. Through the implication of this process also that the management become aware of the different situations that might include the incapability of the organization's staff to provide ample attention to client satisfaction as per collected and analyzed from possible complaint reports from the guests.

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