Implementation of Product Strategy

Hilton worldwide is a luxury business minded firm. This is achieved through its high class building and furnish used in the hotels. The firm follows a strict order of accomplishing to provide all the guests with its expensive menu. Most of its hotels in these four countries are out of touch with many local residents. The food prepared, and all other services are in class with global menu. The hotels products are mainly prepared with the outside world of the country in mind (Patrick 2005).

Implementation of Distribution Strategy

Hilton worldwide relies on the structure of succession and networking to overcome the challenge of distribution of goods and services. Networking enables the workplace to become enjoyable. An international survey proved Hilton as one of the best workplace to be. The hotel firm is distributed evenly allover the world.

Implementation of Communication Strategy

The earth is becoming a global village due to advance in communication technology. Most global business must consider this advancement, and Hilton hotels are not left out. The company has a strong network of communication to put it on the world map. This is achieved through multiple and expensive advertisement and placing itself through, internet social, networking places. The hotel industry has also a combined booking and accommodation management information system all its units. This enables faster booking and reservation in the hotels. The system is integrated in all the countries it operates.

Implementation of Pricing Strategy

Hilton worldwide relies on the method of    Price Skimming. This is due to an advantage of having well furnished hotels and a world class name to be associated. However, despite economical crisis, Hilton worldwide was not shaken as it offers just the best. .

Differences in Implementation: From One Country to Another

Hilton worldwide uses almost similar manner of operation and observation of business principles in its units. Just minor difference occurs in the case of units with competition.  In Kenya, the hotel firm is much relaxed towards its principles of pricing compared to all the other three countries. This is because Kenya is essentially a tourist destination and not many tourists would prefer the expensive firm as they are always on the move.


To contend profitably in this world at the moment, companies need to meet the defiance of a hastily globalizing, exceedingly aggressive and technically multifarious atmosphere. Hilton worldwide is well placed to tackle such challenges through its vibrant marketing policies. This is due to its branding strategies (Patrick 2005). 

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