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This paper is a brief examination of an international company, in regard to observation of the marketing principles. The focus will be on only four countries that the company operates. The main interest will be on how the company regards and uses the marketing principles. 

Powerful market forces dictate the market and the way business should be done. To counter such marketing forces, one must be equipped with practical and relevant marketing principles. This Paper will focus on the marketing principles and strategies surrounding Hilton Worldwide (Hilton Hotels Corporation).

Main Business Line of Hilton Worldwide

Hilton Worldwide is a top international hospitality corporation, with over 3, 000 hotels investments in more than 80 countries. This is achieved through franchising and management of the hotels. Most of the hotels focus mainly with tourist patterns in each country of interest. Therefore, the crucial activity turns out to be a tourist destination resorts.

Countries in which the Hilton Worldwide Operates

Hilton Worldwide operates in many countries, but this paper will focus on just four countries located in different continents. The countries are namely Kenya, New Zealand, Spain and Brazil. The focus will be on the different strategies applied by the company in regard to culture and environmental factors. Further down there will be the comparison of the countries as a tactical development unit.

Implementation of Competition

The company uses a common practice by international firms to tackle the problem of competition. Hilton Worldwide relies mainly on franchising so as to remain relevant all over the world. However, any firm franchised by Hilton Worldwide must adhere to stiff global branding and relationship strategies. The company creates a culture of pasting business practices from older hotels to new ones through its training and employee transfer programs to maintain its undisputable hotel chain (Doole & Lowe 2008).

Implementation of Target Market

In Kenya, the Hilton worldwide focuses on tourist as their principal source of business. The hotel is well placed near an international airport and to tourist shopping centers with all manner of global items. The hotel is also close to an international business meeting centre. In Spain things are different as the primary client is the local business people and tourists on business trips. In Spain, there are about four units of Hilton worldwide. Due to the nature of the target market, pets are not allowed. The Brazil unit, located in Auckland, is more of tourist and entertainment resort. In Sao Paulo, Brazil, the hotel environment is more suited for business and leisure, with an abundance of work centers.



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