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Employee Motivation Analysis

Employee Motivation Analysis

The success of any business depends on  the level of motivation of the employees (Green, 1992). Human resources are critical to the prosperity, productivity and performance of a company. It is important  to note that motivation plays a pivotal role in creating the  environment where an employee’s optimal performance is achievable. Every individual has his own set of motivations and personal incentives to work hard. Some employees are motivated by recognition, while others are motivated by monetary incentives. Whatever is the motivation strategy, the important factor in promoting any motivation is to have a greater insight of the incentive as a manager. Indeed, employee motivational programs help in ensuring the workforce feel valued and worthwhile.

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In our company we are faced with a gigantic task of ensuring a reduction of waste and its recycling in the department. Towards this, it is critical that employees are adequately involved in a program designed purposely to curb this problem. To ensure that the employees are adequately motivated, we have come up with three motivational packages program, geared towards boosting the morale of the employees. The first strategy  involves monetary reward,  based on merit, dedication and hard work. The second motivational strategy involves promotion and recognition. This will be achieved by  giving gifts and certificates. Finally, the third strategy is fulfilled by ensuring that there are  favorable working conditions at work place.

The repercussions of executing these plans involve increased cost of operations and the need to train employees to cope with the change in the company. Therefore, the company will have to spend more money on  ensuring all the plans are executed successfully. In addition, the employee may fail to recognize motivational packages hence rendering the plan ineffective. Firstly, to mitigate the repercussions mentioned above, the company has to do  a strategic plan and budget the execution of these plans. Secondly, training towards change management in the company will have  facilities to guarantee  smooth and gradual change towards reduction of waste in the determent.

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