Communication in Business

It has always been said that proper communication is an integral part of the  prosperity. To this effect, proper and well established communication systems need to be put in place if any triumph is to be achieved. The importance of proper communication is not limited to any field and therefore should be implemented in its entirety at all levels of functioning. The business field is one sector that heavily relies on the relevance of proper communication. Successful business enterprises have always been achieved with efficient communication structures in place. This essay tends to give insight into the importance of communication in businesses as well as the dynamism that has rocked the communication sector i.e. technological advancements in the face of modernism. The application channels that can be adopted by businesses to achieve high returns as well as the organization and processes of communication are also discussed herein.

General understanding and importance of communication in business

The process of communication is important for various life processes but when taken from the business perceptive it is critical. It transcends the simple procedures of hearing and speaking. Communication is the process of passing important in sequence from one person to another. It is a process that encompasses the transmission of information, ideologies, plans, opinions and thoughts within various segments of an organization in a bid to establish effective working environments between the concerned parties. Proper communication entails sending clear and concise messages that are easily understandable to the receivers. Positive responses are expected to result from effective communication methods while a totally different response would be expected of poor communication.  The management of a business relies heavily on the processes of communication that are utilized by the organization conducting the business. Communication literally dictates the day to day interactions between different individuals or entities. In the business arena, communication dictates every single procedure that is utilized in the course of conducting businesses. The importance of communication can therefore be said to be huge such that without it efficiency cannot be achieved. Most businesses being profit making need to put in place efficient mechanisms that would attract their customers while encouraging more players to come in as stakeholders. These are only possible if exemplary communication systems are put in place.

Methods of communication

Key to the communication process is the identification of methods through which people pass pieces of information. The process of communication is simple and could be done in the following ways; verbal means, non verbal means and visual means. These three methods of communication determine a lot the images that a business organization could carve for itself. The verbal method is the most widely used and uses words to send messages home. It assumes two various form of written and oral means. The written form encompasses modes such as hand written information, e-mails and any other electronic documents and has been noticed to have its widest application in formal business sectors. Oral communication on the other hand entails spoken words or information. This could be through various media i.e. face to face, phone calls or even advanced methods such as video conferencing. Proper communication skills such as the clarity and non verbal cues would be of importance in this case. Non verbal methods are mostly used as reinforcements to verbal methods and could include a wide range of reactions such as body languages and paralanguages. These are mostly used to boost an individual’s interpersonal skills that are important in establishing communication channels in business related fields. The last type of communication that could be applied in the business world is the visual technique. As the name suggests, it involves using the eye. Business organizations can always resort to the use of this mode of communication to attract consumers. It makes proper use of visual aids and aesthetically appealing pictures to drive a point home. Advancements in communication technology have only served to ease this mode of communication as various players in the business world have adopted these methods (such as digitalized visualized advertisement channels). Considering the importance of communication in any business, it is important therefore that we understand the various channels through which it is organized and practiced in an organization. Mostly, business entities are large in size and considerably have huge labor resource pools and as such coordination could be of importance. Efficient coordination on the other hand depends on the existence communication channels. There are various forms of communication that could be adopted in an organization for efficient results to be realized. It is quite obvious that organizations are made up of employees and as such communication channels should be developed in accordance with the needs of these employees if any positive outcomes are to be realized. As such, effective employee communication systems need to be incorporated in the organization. Coupled with this, an organization should strive to create healthy and constructive communication cultures that would raise the idea of proper communication to a whole new level.

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Levels of communication in a business organization

An organization should strive to understand that proper communication channels should be established in four major levels; Organization wide communication (this level incorporates all employees at literally all levels of organization. It brings into the picture all levels of management and their respective communication abilities), departmental communication (just like the name suggests, this type of communication is best exhibited at the departmental level. It relates to how departmental heads communicate with the employees in their respective departments to bring out the best results. It could be specific to a single department/ unit or all the departments depending on the organizational designs adopted by the organization), team communication (is mostly visible in group settings or teams that are cohesive. These teams could be numerous or solely placed) and lastly, individual communication (this is exhibited at a personal level. The communication systems between individuals could be ascertained here at any specific time). The efficiency levels of proper communication could be recorded best at the higher levels of business management but at the same time, its importance at the lower levels should not be overlooked. The importance of the lower levels of organization is the manner in which the interpersonal skills of individuals play out. Specific reference would be made to the group and individual communication channels.  Supervisors, leaders of teams and local managers could use their interpersonal skills to foster efficient working environments with their employees thereby increasing the volume of business activities. An increase in the labor force and activities should be subsequently addressed by intensifying the communication channels.

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The importance of communication in business

            Communication, as we have already seen, is an essential component of business. It has numerous advantages in the business arena; first, it allows a business to be exposed to the world thereby enhancing their prospective working environments. Efficient communication acts as an incentive by which messages are sent to various stakeholders; employees, donors, buyers, suppliers just to mention a few, thereby promoting their activities. It also leads to the growth and development of a business considering it allows businesses to educate, offer instructions and information to their customers. In this way, the business gets to grow and increase its production capabilities. Effective communication leads to development of good human relation at the organization. This subsequently leads to introduction of new ideas by the employees thereby increasing the production levels at relatively low costs.

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            In summary, communication channels are beneficial to businesses in these ways; increase efficiency levels (business entities get to receive higher returns compared to the inputs used), builds up good will, earns favorable references, promotes excellent working relationships between the workers (this is through implementing morale boosting processes that could act as motivation for the employees. This way the employees are challenged to work harder thereby improving the efficiency levels. Poor communication channels between persons in positions of authority and their subordinates could lead to demoralization and poor working conditions. Proper communication channels such as clear identification of activities to be carried out and how to carry them out could be essential in improving the employees’ morale and motivation and consequently the business at its largest point), makes it easy to issue instructions and lastly promotes proper issuance of reports on the developments. The organizational structures also influence in a big way the communicational channels that could be applied by the employees. However, it is important to note that departmentalized/bilateral and downward communication channels could be obtained to improve the working of businesses. Departmentalized channels involve communication of individuals on the same levels in a company while downward communication allows the communication process to be dictated by persons in the highest positions of authority.

            Care must be taken in using communication to improve a business as it would also lead to negative outcomes. For instance, poorly worded messages and incorrect pieces of information used in the advertisement procedure could lead to communication breakdowns hence lack of information transmission. Again poor and ineffective communication systems may results into low business turnovers, lack of efficient management channels and steady show downs.  

How communication in business affects modern day business management

            The process of business management is basically tied to efficient communication channels between the various stakeholders in the business organization. In studying this relationship it is important to identify the major types of communication in businesses and how they act to shape up the contemporary business field. As concerns the types of communication, three major types have so far been identified as internal, external and business to business. The internal type involves communication between two individuals working for a similar business while the external type involves communication between individuals working in a business with individuals who are not working within the business. The last case involves communication between different businesses. In the event proper channels are not established in any of these methods then cases of misunderstanding, lack of both motivation and direction would result. Generally, the advances made in the field of technology as concerns the communication sector have acted to improve the process of business management. Entrepreneurs find it easier, in the world of today, to find opportunities through internet outsourcing mechanisms while maintaining their existing businesses in a process that has been made possible by the radical changes witnessed in the technological world. Invention of technologies such as video chats and video conferencing have made it possible for the ‘globalization effect’ to take its toll on the business sector  much to the expectation of every player in that sector. The proper combination of the existing methods of communication has brought about increased efficiency in as far as business management is concerned. The integration of ICT in the business sector has enabled the creation of channels such as e-commerce and online retailing services that has gone a long way in improving the marketing and purchasing services among other business practices.

            Another important contribution of communication in the improvement of the management process is the development of organizational culture and employee communication surveys that help in ascertaining the contribution of communication systems to an organization. Using this information, workplace communication strategies could be devised. This would help improve the employee communication channels in the organization. Such surveys and regular check-ups could act to enhance performance levels of employees.

How an organization can apply communication in business for positive results

The process of communication

            While considering results in a business oriented organization, it is important to take into consideration the external environment. The communication process in this case involves linking with the same service providers so as to share ideas on how to generate profits. In the wake of advancements witnessed in the communication sector, the various methods used in communicating have been advanced to improve the business sector. Let’s remember that communication systems that are effective inform employees of the requisite measures thereby leading to the generation of higher productivity rates by the business. The major form of communication application in the improvement of businesses is seen in the use of advertisements. The advertisements can be oral, written, non verbal or could assume any form of the types of communication identified above. Organizations can resort to these methods to arrest the customers’ attentions. Oral adverts could include announcements made in media outlets such as radios and television channels while written adverts could come in the form of bill boards or advertisement in local newspapers or magazines. Business procedures such as synergy and merger could be discussed in conferences (teleconferencing or videoconferencing)



            Communication in the business sector as discussed above is a very important component that determines in a big way the success of the business into which it is incorporated. It also remains a very important process considering it literally defines the cardinals of the business game. Any persons seeking to create successful enterprises should take into consideration the communication aspect.


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