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Enhancing the Value of Training:

Training is considered as the most important part of any new employee’s career and proper implementation of the things that employees learned at the training level only enhance the professional qualities of the employee and subsequently reach higher levels of management. As per the records, the training facilities of the company is at per with any multinational organization and the company has specific training staffs who have in hand experience in fields.

But, in the competitive atmosphere, it is very important to enhance the value of the training. To do so, the company has to redo the training department. It is very important to have a specific team of trainers in the organization. When a group of candidates are selected, it is very important to give a general training to them and after that these candidates should be categorized as per their educational qualifications and interests.

At that point of time trainers experienced in the certain field have to come in the field and train the employees. Along with that the company has to start a refresher training batch which will retrain the employees after a certain period of time spent in the organization. Only in these ways the value of the training will be enhanced. The initial staff development process has to be really attractive so that the new employees find the company attractive.

A feedback program about the training and the refresher training has to be included in the program. It will help the management to determine the essentials and the loopholes of the training course. It will only improve the quality of the training process. The company spends a great deal of money for the development of the employees. These factors, if implemented will surely make the money spent better than ever.

Formal and Informal Learning Activities:

There is a broad division in the formal and informal learning processes. The informal learning processes in Whitney mainly deals with the different procedures in which the company works, the general working process of the associates of Whitney and other factors. Mostly the informal training processes deal with the in-house programming and related issues of the company. But the formal training processes are mainly something that deals with the working procedures of the associated companies. The processes and systems trainings, the detailed documenting processes etc are included in the formal training of Whitney.

Knowledge Sharing and Mentoring:

Knowledge sharing and mentoring are two very important aspects of work procedures in the level of work. In the case of Whitney, the employees who have a certain level of experience in any field are given the responsibility of knowledge sharing and mentoring to the new employees. For example, an employee is working in a certain field, and he or she will be mentored a by another employee of Whitney who is experienced in the field. It will be effective in two ways. Firstly, the new employee will learn the tricks of the trade more quickly and the mentor will have a chance to revise the training.

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Evaluation of the Techniques Used:

Whitney is one of the few companies in the market today who uses to spend so much money on the training of the employees. But one has to remember in the case that there are a number of companies in the market who can do the work like Whitney and may be they will do that in lesser amount of money. So, the company has to understand that their training techniques have to be more and more cutting edge, in other words these techniques have to be more cutting edge, and in most cases must be focused on the industry and also the company for which the employee will work. In the training period the employees will have to be put in different sectors and they should be groomed according to their respective sectors and the demand of the companies they will be working with.


For every employee, training is a mandatory thing. Along other things training most effectively transforms a general person to a successful employee. All of the employees who work in the company need training in the beginning of their career and also in some parts of their career. Training shapes the working procedure of the person. One has to remember that the company works with outside partners and so the employees have to perform well unless the professional partnership can go wrong. So there should be proper screening of the employees in the training process and it will enable the company the choose the most efficient employees who will work at their level best. So the company will have to toughen the training only to give the employees a taste of the future professional aspects.


Inter-company feedbacks and regularly evaluating the merit of the training are two very important aspects in which the company can determine the effectiveness of the training process. But the most effective part of the training process will be to monitor the performances of the employees who have just completed the training and joined to the work. This will give the management of Whitney an idea about their training process and if there are some changes needed in the process. It is advisable to change the course structure after a certain period.

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Essentially the training program of Whitney is at par with the general standards that are available in the market. But whether it is or not there are always some scopes for development and it must be done accordingly. Only then the effectiveness of the process along with the development of both the training and the employees will be completed. There should be a team who will be thoroughly researching the market trends and as per the changes in the market they will incorporate those changes in the course materials.

Learning Organization:

Whitney is a corporate organization and mainly it is a commercial organization. It provides training to its employees who help the company to earn revenues. Basically it is not a learning organization but still as it provides training to the employees’ one can in a way call it a learning organization. It has been seen that most of the employees in Whitney, after they had gathered a certain amount of experience from Whitney, resigns from the company and after that opens a new business or works with other associates. The employees use the training of Whitney to work independently. So they have directly used the company as a learning organization. But in most case, one has to say that the company is a very popular training based company which in many ways work as a learning organization.

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