Case Scenario of Castle’s Family Restaurant


The needs of employees are often met by the leadership of a company or organization. Nonetheless, organization currently faces numerous challenges ranging from management to employee satisfaction, without forgetting the services to clients. Castle’s Family Restaurant embraces HR systems and guiding principles that pose several shortcomings to its operation. The effect of such a system is that it lowers capability of a firm to become established and maximize its sales (Castle Restaurant, 2012). It is vital for strategic human resource management team to implement friendly policies. This will help respond to the changing external environment. This paper provides an analysis of Castle’s Family Restaurant by figuring out the best HRIS type and HRIS Vendor Choice that is rewarding.

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An appropriate HRIS acquisition is a fundamental issue that needs to be applauded. In fact, an organization must have the best HRIS to facilitate the core data management through the use of technological knowhow. Castle’s Family Restaurant must embrace some inventive and appropriate HRIS system. According to Church, et al (2004), it is imperative to “eradicate the use of paper employee manuals and upgrading it to an electronic version.” This firm requires an emergent HRIS that will help manage stock inventory and product ordering. Church says, “A tracking system to help track and manage the attendance, employee’s conducts, personal employee information, applicants, and analyze former employees is imperative” (2004).

Now that I have understood Mr. Morgan’s problem, I am recommending that Castle’s Family Restaurant to implements a management system, mainly, Database Management System (DBMS). This system will enable the manager to connect all the eight stores at one point. This will allow Mr. Morgan to “cut down his time on the road and spend the saved money on other productive services to the restaurant” (Kumar, 2006). By obtaining employee information through the internet, he will be able to conduct payroll properly. “The process of making checks will also be timely through the use of MIS system” (Kumar, 2006).

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Lastly, to address issues regarding company updates, DBMS will enable the firms to have a virtual database of all the employees’ contact details. At any time Mr. Morgan will need to inform the employees concerning company performance, bonuses or activities on schedule, he will merely compose what is called company message and the software can send all the messages instantaneously to all the employees through a generated private e-mail.

HRIS Vendor Choice

Vendor such as PeopleSoft is amongst some of the HRIS Vendor architects for Hospitality Industry that helps in producing most company’s revenues. PeopleSoft Vendo system creates client-server architecture essential for the firms. Nonetheless, choosing the best HRIS vendor is essential in management of employees in all the eight stores. The other Vendor choice is the SoftBrands meant for hospitality business and helps supports the project information management. It also helps in addressing the needs of hotels and resorts that have numerous software products and services. In fact, the SoftBrands vendor is the best in this case since it provides asset management systems (AMS) and vacation administration. These are some of the most essential areas of management within the hospitality industry.

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Castle’s Family Restaurant faces several tests, from human-resource management to administrative functions. The above deliberation gives an assessment of the firm’s problems and suggests suitable HRIS type, predominantly, Database Management System (DBMS). It goes ahead to suggest a Vendor tool that is appropriate for the hospitality industry, SoftBrands. As an HR expert, I suppose the SoftBrands will help tackle all the tribulations and guarantee that the business records growth. 

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