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Business Methods


Type of Scale Characteristics of Data Basic Empirical Operation Example
Nominal Classification but no order Determination of Equality Gender
Ordinal Classification and rank-ordered but no distance Determination of greater or lesser value Designation
Interval Classification, order, and distance Determination of equality of intervals or differences Quality of service
Ratio Classification, order, distance, and natural origin Determination of equality of ratios Satisfaction levels

Reference: (Joseph F. Hair, 2011, p. 215)

Figure 1: Nominal Scales

Please indicate your gender:

q Male

q Female

Figure 2: Ordinal Scales

What position designation do you hold in the company?

q 0 = Managerial

q 1 = Assistant Manager

q 2 = Supervisory position

q 3 = Technical assistance

q 4 = Support staff

Figure 3: Interval Scales

Did you receive the same service or better service from Walgreens during the last three months?

q 5 = Better service

q 4 = good

q 3 = didn’t note any difference

q 2 = No

q 1 = Worse

Figure 4: Ratio Scales

Please indicate the number of times you place orders at Walgreens in the last three months.

q  Less that 5

q 5 to 10

q 15 to 20

q 20 to 25

q Above

Figure 5: Rating Scales

Please rate our quality of our services for the last three months:




Order now


Very good










¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦

Figure 6: Ranking Scales

Please rank the method you frequently use to place orders at Walgreens. Place the letter A, B, C, D….., starting with the most preferred  method to the last.

_____ visiting personally

_____ Make telephone call

_____ Online service

_____ Other

Figure 7: Sorting Scales

Satisfied with the services offered for the last three months


Very Poor


Some what poor








Very Good



  2 4 4 12 28

Appendix B: Questionnaires for Walgreens Customers

Instruction: Kindly answer each of the following questions as sincerely as possible by checking(tick) the checkbox next to your answer. After answering the questions please enclose it in an envelop and send either through email or postal address to the secretary. You may also drop the sealed envelope to any of our Walgreen’s distribution centers in your area. Thank you for accepting to participate in our survey which will enable us serve you better. We assure you that all the information you give will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality it deserves. and only reported in aggregate.

  1. Please indicate your gender?

q Male                 q Female

  1. How many years have you been purchasing products from Walgreens?

q Below 1            q 1 to 5                      q 5 to 10                    q Over 10

  1. Which one of these best describes how you rate the services you have received from Walgreens for the last three months?

q I have received excellent services

q Very good

q Good

q Fair

q No difference noted

q I received better services before

  1. Which of the following amounts approximates the purchases you make at Walgreens in a month?

q Less than $20,000                    q $20,000 to $50,000                       q $50,000 to $100,000

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q $100,000 to $500,000             q $5000 or more 

  1. Please select the most preferred method of communication with our customer care.

q Call the office

q Phone call

q Email

q Other 

  1. Please enter your contact details in the space provided below




  1. What method of payment do you prefer?

q Wire Transfer                           q Visa                                    q Other (please specify)

  1. Would you mind if Walgreens directly supplied the goods to you ?

q I would not mind           q I don’t care q I don’t know           q Other ___________           

  1. How long did it take to get the deliveries after you place an order with us?

q Immediately                  q Less than one day               q 3-5 days

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q A week                         q More than a week

  1. How would you rate our overall customer service?

q Very satisfied                qSatisfied                   q Neutral                    q Not satisfied     

  1. How would you rate the last services we provided to you?

qVery satisfied                 q Satisfied                  q Neutral                    q Not satisfied  

  1. Is there any areas you would like us to consider in order to improve our services to you?

q Yes                   q No



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