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A workplace romance refers to the mutual attraction that forms between two co-workers in an organization. This form of attraction is associated with various arguments in favor and against  such liaisons which cause concerns for most company employers. As this form of bonding is rather sensitive, employers have to devise means of ensuring that they remain satisfied while seeking to realize the organization goals. Some benefits that could be derived from such attractions include a stronger motivation of employees, enhanced creativity and accelerated innovation, foster workplace morals, reduced personality conflicts and improvement of teamwork (Mainiero, 1989). These benefits mainly accrue from fear of the participants to cause an alarm in a company  and negatively affect the organizational objectives. At the worst a workplace romance could lead to a reduction of chances for career advancement, complicate work relationships in case of break-ups, co-worker confusion, decline in work performance and conflict of interest between the organizational goals and individual interests. Since these demerits have adverse effect on the organization, it is vital to create clear guidelines about  a mutual attraction that may result due to proximity in a workplace.

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A glass ceiling is a term for denoting a situation which exists in an organization that keeps the informal barrier to certain individuals for achieving career advancements especially with the help of restriction on employment promotion or further training (Barreto, 2009). This practice is referred to as a glass since it is not formally documented, but is realized by the leaders of an organization. As for the glass wall,  this term refers to the departmentalization of an organization by using glass barrier to prevent sideward movements of staff.

The food and restaurant industries should be blamed for children’s obesity in the US because most of their food production consists of sugary foods which maintain high level of calories. The presence of these elements in food results in obesity of the children who regularly consume this kind of food. Due to children’s lack of access to physical exercises, a significant number of them can adopt  unhealthy habits. Additionally, most parents lack adequate time to sort and regulate their children’s food consumption. This also increases their vulnerability (Morris, 2008). Considering this problem’s adversity, food and restaurant industries should be classified according to food types that they produce in order to ensure the production of foods with high vitamin content and low level of calories. A lot of publicity is essential to ensure that parents pay attention to food types their children consume and encourage them to take adequate physical exercises. Similarly, children should have enough time to visit physical activity facilities at school or in  areas of residence.

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Deceptive advertising refers to advertisements which provide false claims or misleading statements about the quantity or quality of the product or service they advertise. This kind of advertising creates a false impression and entices the potential consumers to make purchases. Some of the examples of deceptive advertising include the advertisement of merchandize at relatively low prices while in  reality these products are expensive, do not fulfill false promises, are incorrectly described, visually distorted, and partially  opened. In the event of a proven allegation  about any of the above vices, the producer, advertising designer, and agency or whoever involved in such is liable  to law punishments  (Learning, 1990). The federal trade commission is responsible for the enforcement of laws concerning deceptive advertising. In this regard, the producer will not be held responsible for producing varied products while the advertising agency, in case of deception, will be accused of falsifying the nature of the product or services advertised. The individuals who endorse the advertisements play a key role in ensuring that the real nature of the product is demonstrated. The failure to do so will be punishable.

It is not uncommon for auto companies to undertake major recalls. This occurs mainly due to the fact that the production costs of such brands are high and adequate precautions are taken before releasing.  Additionally, any production exercise usually undergoes multiple tests before delivery of products to the market. An example of a recent recall is BMW company which recalled their 5 and 6 series produced between 2003 and 2010 due to battery cable faults in the models. Similarly, Toyota recalled some of its autos due to flaws in unexpected acceleration and the auto’s vulnerability to accidents (Cusumano, 1998). To achieve efficiency in recalling, auto companies should use their agents to conduct the process in various countries and be extremely vigilant during the production and before releasing products to the market.

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GSA and Secret Service employees have been embroiled in several scandals in the last few days. The GSA agents were involved in an unnoticed extravagant spending of the taxpayers’ money on a Las Vegas conference. Also, the Secret Service agents received the services of the Columbian prostitutes. Considering the inefficiency that exists in the supervision of these individuals, they become inclined to adverse practices. To counteract this practice the management body should impose strict conditions to its employees and ensure  constant observation of employees obedience to the rules. As for the culprits, they should  take punishment in accordance with the law in order to deter others to commit such felonies in future.

If I were able to design a discussion question concerning business and government, I would focus on business ethics adopted in the market. The question would be: what role does  business ethics play in government and a global society? 

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