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BMW Advertisement

BMW Advertisement

In the advertisement (on the PowerPoint presentation) on the first slide, the advert starts by giving the viewer a glimpse of the initial design sketches made by an artist. In so doing, the viewer is able to perceive the ecstasy in seeing the design process (BMW i8 Concept, 2012). This is followed by an introductory framework that allows the viewer to passively engage in the mind assembly of parts of the actual vehicle. This, according to Papasolomou and Kitchen (2011) is meant to arouse mind campaign that perpetuates customer relationship management approach since the potential customer is initially motivated (Adkin, 2005; Kotler & Lee, 2005; Papasolomou & Kitchen, 2011). This then gives way to a sneak preview of the BMW i8 interior and then the perspective view of the car upon completion in the first slide.

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The next slide affirms to the viewer and potential customer of environmental considerations of the design that has low emissions and high efficiency coupled with the Born-Electric technology, thanks to the BMW eDrive technology (BMW i8 Concept, 2012). The viewer is also given a peek of the beauty and comfort of the interior while being informed that the sporty car has a 2-2 seat arrangement that makes room for four people to travel in comfort (BMW i8 Concept, 2012).

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The last slide offers detailed highlights of the i8 sporty car on its superb laser light with near-parallel beams, the dynamic side view and overall efficiency and energizing performance of the car that has the performance of a sports car yet it consumes less than a small car (BMW i8 Concept, 2012). The car can be charged through the conventional power supply system in homes unlike other electric car charging systems that have to be charged at designated points (BMW i8 Concept, 2012). The i8 spider gives an unmatched elegance and performance while remaining economically viable.

All this is enabled by a strong business model (Avery & Bergsteiner, 2011a; 2011b), increased brand loyalty due to elegance and efficiency (Adkin, 2005; Dowling, 2001; Berger et al. 2003; Papasolomou & Kitchen, 2011). It is further noted that BMW keeps close interrelation with its employees and decision-making occurs from the grassroots and thus tapping into immense knowledge and talent is imminent in the organization.

BMW is also known for its stupendous investment in quality management, production of better performance cars with an elegant design that is quite appealing to the eyes of potential customers (Papasolomou & Kitchen, 2011).

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Another enabling factor for this elegance and eccentric production is embedded in its core values where it is noted that joy, culture, dynamism and individuality are highly upheld and practiced by all, and they are reflected in every design and model. These core values tend to reinforce public perception of the company’s brands that acts as a boost for its sales and a challenge to keep up with innovative ideas.

This model comes with dynamic package, premium substance and/ or efficiency that is the heartbeat for all seasons. 

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