Business Goals

A goal is an affair or affairs an individual or a corporate body is intending to reach or achieve. A personal or a business goal is also achieved when the person has a desire to do so and also when he has a positive drive toward hitting the deadline or the said target. It can also be referred to as an aim when the end product is achieved at a stated time. When an aspired aim is achieved in time and in correct manner, the goal has been achieved.

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Time Frame

Time frame is the set time when a goal should be achieve. It depends with the king of goal and the time it can take to process it. When a goal is short term it means its accomplishment is based on lesser time duration but it doesn’t relate to any time frame. For example one can achieve a short term goal in a day or a year that depends on the whole time frame that it is applied.


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Purpose is the reason why the goal needs to be achieved. There must be an objective for achieving the goal. In order to achieve the goal, there must be a pushing power that will drive a person towards achieving the specified goal. The purpose of the goal will act as road map that will be followed towards achieving the goal.


Strategies are the methods or procedure that will be followed to achieve the given or the set goal. In achieving personal or business goals one must be  focused and a positive attitude must be cultivated .Applying an extra effort is also advocated for since excuses will jeopardize the whole thing .One must bear in mind  also the planning techniques and decision making also have a strong influence on the execution of the said strategies and goals .


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Commitment is a devotion of achieving the goal. To have goal executed in the long run orb after all one must be committed despite the short coming any short comings which might arise because we find that people tend to give up at the eleventh hour. Looking ahead and focusing about the end results or the outcomes might keep you going  

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