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Business strategies play a crucial role in its growth and development. These are the determinant for execution of opportunities and new market entry. Therefore, before the given strategy is established, the management has to harmonize the roles played by each individual to avoid any conflict of interest. In order to meet organizational goals, organization structure should not be overlooked in any manner.

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In Tesco stores strategic business units have been achieved by maximizing the degree of competitiveness within all individuals and markets. All store marketing techniques have been customer-tailored relative to the market situation they re-operate. As a result of successful adaptation to business practices, Tesco has forced other competitors to be more innovative in offering food supplies in city stores. Corporate culture of Tesco foundation remains the ideal determinant of either success or failure of its business undertaking. It determines the rate of change acceptance innovation and flexibility depending on the market situation. The company’s corporate culture is deep rooted in its corporate social responsibilities which hold its core values, ideologies and some aspects of cultural artifacts.

The highest level of determination to Tesco foods employees has led to a deeper penetration of the company to more markets of the United States. This strategy has been one of all seasons and appears to be successful to the company in the coming future.  Owing to reluctant nature of American food high performance appears to have an exponential extrapolation across all regions. However, due to additional stores and low risk assessment strategies, the company’s development activities and effectiveness is likely to drop in an alarming rate. This can be the best counter addressed by creating a supply and transport network across all regions of operation. More so, the urban settings should be the most likely operational areas to ensure effectiveness.

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