The Profit-Oriented Businesses

The differences in the roles of the two businesses depend on the objectives. The profit-oriented businesses may not be as serious as the non-profit business in the mission accomplishment. The latter seeks to improve the general welfare of the society hence it is obliged to achieve the expected results. Profit-making firms target the financial results while the non-profit-making businesses target the cash-loss generator service. The for-profit businesses have short-term objectives and goals, while the nonprofit businesses have long-term objectives since they seek to serve people as long as there are funds.

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Monetary policies are exercised by the central bank, while the national government controls the fiscal policy. Monetary policy acts as a tool for controlling inflation and ensures that the finance of the country is stable. The fiscal policy makers and monetary policy may sometimes differ in terms of opinions. Monetary policy may take the output and employment to be of the same importance, while the monetary authority may feel that employment should get the first priority. The two bodies might have conflicting opinions about the budget deficit. The monetary policy is targeted to increase the country’s Gross Domestic Product. Restrictive monetary policy is expected to slow the economy in future in order to save it from inflation. Monetary policy touches all the sectors of the economy. The tools of monetary policy can be applied by the Federal Reserve to influence the volume of money, credit and the interest rates.

Fiscal policies affect specific groups. Fiscal policy deals with tax and expenditure policy of the government. The monetary policy expansion is governed by the interest and the effect on other factors. Lower interest rates lead to the rise in the consumer and fixed capital expenditure thus raising the national income equilibrium. This leads to increase in capital stock hence increasing income. The expansion in the fiscal policy means that the government increases its expenditure. If there is a huge government borrowing, the interest rates rise and investments drop. Monetary policy may not be able to increase national income and expenditure. Fiscal policy controls the demand for products in the country.

Dettol antiseptic was first manufactured in 1933 by an Indian Company. New products are being manufactured under it including toilet soaps, liquid hand-wash, liquid body wash, shaving cream and plaster strips. Shares have depicted that the company has been registering growth. Reckitt Benckiser India Ltd. manufactures Dettol. Dettol antiseptic was able to reach many customers through medical materials, medical journals and newspaper advertisement. The trade mark is what that cannot be ignored by many people since it is unique. This makes the advertisement of Dettol antiseptic to make a meaning and become lively. TV advertisement proved to be the most effective and has been repeated many times. Dettol had become hard to market due to customers dislike in the 1980s. The same advert on the same product increased the sales on the product. The product has been able to maintain its contact with the customers due to the launch of new products that have connections with the original Dettol antiseptic. Dettol adverts have appeared over the Internet hence the Sales Promotion Department in the company appears focused toward the success of the company.

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The European-American Business Organization, Inc is a business that concentrates on transatlantic business growth and tax for the government and SMEs. It provides a wide range of services including entry into the market and expansion procedure, CE marketing, search of partners and any assistance. EABO has been able to convene meetings across Europe and the United States. EABO uses the databases to scout for the audience of the expected behavior. EABO communication team does it so wonderfully hence enabling the business to maximize the profit. The president and CEO of the company is Sven C. Oehme. The CEO and the group of other experts are well-versed with the transatlantic business and can communicate in European Union chief languages (The European-American Business Organisation n.d.). The American Business Forum has a strong connection with EABO. It holds meetings monthly. The topic of discussion is mainly about business opportunities in 27 countries. 

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