Advertising's Fifteen Basic Appeals

Advertising is an art that employs different approaches in winning the attention of the customer and, subsequently, the decision to buy. Every ad is a variation of the other and often represents basic appeals that target the customer. This is an analysis on two ads. Using the research done by the psychologist Henry Murray, Fowles explained fifteen emotional appeals of advertisement. The concept of Fowles surrounds the fact that customers always try to avoid being gullible. 

Coca Cola Soda Goes Along (1942)

This advertisement portrays a group of jovial army soldiers enjoying their bottles of soda. It seems to be a happy moment pleasured by the crew. Servicepersons in the army are always busy and serious people. The cheerful group creates a sense of friendship and collective happy moments. This targets the need for affiliation by the consumer (78). Since soldiers mainly involve in peace-keeping missions, the momentous part of enjoyment may give the inspiration to achieve the task (82). In addition, the picture shows that the service members are at vintage point where they want acknowledgement and seen enjoying their drinks, as they are seeking attention. These are some of the appeals employed in the picture in trying to win the customers decision to buy soda.

Phillip Morris, "Gently Does It" (1955) Bowler

This is an advertisement of the cigarette, Philip Morris. The advertisement employs quite different appeals to woo customers. Firstly, the ad has a picture of a woman feeling ecstatic by the tender touch of a man. With the need for prominence, the woman feels admired by smoking cigarettes, which she holds in the hands (83). The man, on the other hand, seems to be happy having the woman in his hands. Therefore, smoking Philip Morris gives the sense of achievement. Secondly, since the woman enjoys the cigarettes, it emphasises the feeling of affiliation. Significantly, the descriptions below the picture further explain that Philip Morris gives friends to young people through the feeling of belonging (friendship) too.


It is evident that advertisements employ different appeals to win customers. The appeal, as indicated, differs with the product in the market because different products give different satisfactions.



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