The Three Books of Jasher

There are three different books with the same name of Jasher. One of the books belongs to the Bible, the other version of the Book of Jasher is a very bad forgery of the English version, that was later reprinted in 1829. In this book, the false claim is that the book was written by someone known as Jasher. Currently, the reprint of this forgery still exists. On the other hand, an original version of the Book of Jasher was published in Hebrew in Venice in the year 1625. This original manuscript was published by M. Noah in 1840 in New York. The second edition was published in Salt Lake by J.H. Parry & Co. This edition was reprinted and republished several times. The contradiction is that some scholars claim that the book is the same as the one mentioned in the Holy Scripture.

There are books that can be regarded as a fiction due to the imaginations created by the writer. Fiction refers to a literary story that is derived from the author’s imagination. Thus, they have two opposite meanings. Facts are occurrences that are true. However, it is not easy to differentiate between a fact and a fiction. In some situations, the elements of fiction may be used to refer to a factual narrative. On the other hand, some works of fiction may be incorporated into facts by using the previous facts to make a realistic setting. Realistic fictions can also appear as facts, even though the characters may have been imagined by the author or the creator. However, a major difference is that fact is true whereas, fiction is imagery.

The Book of Jasher is the world’s history from the creation until the later periods of the judges in Israel. It contains information that found in the first book of the Bible, Genesis, during the same time, which makes a very interesting reading, hence clearing up most of the confusions in the Old Testament. In addition, the Book of Jasher is written mostly as a secular history and contains most of God’s words. The book has some similarity to the Book of Joshua describing many events such as battles and wars. Moreover, it points out to God’s hand in men’s affairs. The Book of Jasher has been a topic of discussion over many years. In addition, it is a book of interest and research because many copies of the book have been made, and each version has triggered speculations that perhaps the book is a fiction. Moreover, some scholars have speculated that some of the documents claiming to be the Book of Jasher could be forgeries. Most people have questioned the authenticity of the Book of Jasher and whether it should be included in the Bible. According to some scholars, the Book of Jasher was a collection of ancient Hebrew songs and poems used in praise of the Israelites’ heroes and their exploits in wars and battles. Moreover, the book describes some interesting events in the Biblical stories from the time of the creation of the Earth to stories of Abraham and his descendants (Pratt, 2002).

The books of Jasher also contain some important events in Egypt as well as, Europe that ran concurrently with Biblical events. It includes accounts of occurrences that smack more of the Greek world and the Roman mythology rather than history. Some scholars assume that biblical stories were included since they formed part of the popular legends at the time of the compilation of the Book of Jasher. However, the stories are briefly mentioned in passing leading to no real significance attached to them. On the other hand, such narratives should not discount the authenticity of the book, or discourage objective audience and readers from following the preserved truths regarding true Biblical stories. The question that has sought to be answered is that, if the Book of Jasher is included and mentioned in the Old Testament, why it is lost in the current versions of the Holy Bible. This is disturbing since Christians believe that God inspired the authors of the Holy Scripture to use passages sources to compose His message to His people. For instance, a chapter in the Book of Joshua 10:13 illustrates a good example, which emphasizes his account of an event. The main point to understand is that the men of God who wrote the Bible used different sources of materials, fitting them in the grand design of God. Consequently, it is necessary to understand that the history as recorded in the Bible never occurred in isolation.

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