Fact or Fiction

Some sources state that the Book of Jasher was once the original start of the Bible. However, it is not known whether that is a fact or a fiction. The book has been referenced in the Holy Bible in Joshua and the Second Book of Samuel. Many versions of the book appeared over the years and were proven as forgeries. Therefore, a clear version of the book was dismissed due to the forgeries of the past. The translator of the original book claimed that, reference to Jasher in the Bible is one place that authenticates the book, stating how it clears up the vague Biblical reference. On the other hand, the translator of the book claims that some parts seem to have been forged in thebook and added over the years. This study seeks to investigate whether the Book of Jasher is a fact or a fiction, because it contains the antediluvian patriarchs that have been confirmed by modern revelation. Moreover, it was a popular book among the L.S.D church members to supplement their study of the biblical Old Testament. It is necessary to consider the authenticity of the book since most modern churches have the tradition of reading the Old Testament of the Holy Bible.

There are books that are not accepted into the official canon of the Holy Bible (Mordecai, 1840). These are the books that are named in the Old Testament but are currently classified as missing books, or books that are supposed to have been lost amidst most of the revelations that occurred in Judea. However, some of these books appear in some versions of the Bible. According to the LDS Bible Dictionary, books such as the Apocrypha are valuable books that connect the Old and the New Testament. They are very valuable books in the LSD Church, even though they are not of the same value. Furthermore, there are other writings in the scripture that existed during the Old Testament times, but currently they are lost and are only known because of their reference in the Bible. Thus, according to the reference they are given, they were treated as valuable books of the Bible. Some of these books include Book of the Wars of the Lord, Book of the Acts of Solomon, Book of Nathan the Prophet. Others included the Book of Gad the Seer, Book of Shemaiah, Book of Jehu, and Saying of the Seers. In addition, there are other possible hidden books, such as, an early Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians, predating the 1 Corinthians, possibly an early Epistle of the Ephesians, an epistle of the members of the Church at Laodicea, as well as, the prophecies of Enoch.

According to an observation made by the LDS Bible regarding the lost books, the fact is that the present version of the Holy Bible does not contain the complete word of God, which he provided to his men during the previous times. In addition, this reminds us that the present form of the Holy Bible contains a fragmentary portion of the eternal truths that God revealed to His people in the previous gospel dispensations. The Book of Jasher is also one of the books contained in the former Old Testament. According to the Old Testament writers, the book contained a complete description of two Biblical events. The events included the command to the sun to stand still and the instructions of King David that the house of Judah should be instructed in archery. The Book of Jasher was classified as one of the lost books of the Holy Scripture. The term ‘Jasher’ was understood wrongly by many people; hence, it should be understood that the book was not written by a person of the same name. More over, the inclusion of the definite article HA, provides a tip that the word is a modifier for the word “book”. The Book of Jasher includes an account of as prolonged time from the time of creation to the death of Joshua. The identity of this lost book has been a subject of debate, as well as, a matter of speculation over many years. The ancient translation of the book and the paraphrases provides little help to the identity of the book and its authenticity. Some scholars speculated that the book in question was originally a book of songs. In addition, the identity of the Book of Jasher was understood by the earlier generation. For instance, on an account of Josephus and Jasher, the Book of Jasher was known to Josephus and was understood to be among the books that were laid up in the temple during the first century.

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