The Connection to Others

The author of the book Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping, Judith Levine, clearly shows how cultural and custom backgrounds are directly related to how we spend our money. She tends to argue from an old fashioned point of view. She bases her actions whenever she wants to spend money, for instance buying new fashion designs of clothes, shoes, watching the latest movie releases which she seems to be against. She says, “I haven’t seen the Lost In Translation and it’s already out in videos… I will miss along with the new director’s series and who knows what else. The cinema is reeling past me unseen; fashion is reeling past me unworn” (65).

She says, “In a year without shopping will I lose myself, and in so doing, my connection to others?” (65). This remark is a clear sign that she is not into just buying stuff. Here the author tries to think loud on the impacts of not doing her shopping sprees for a year. She points out that without shopping for a year she will be going against her culture of shopping every now and then hence losing herself. The losing essence means that she will be detached from her culture of shopping which is part of her life hence feeling void in her life because of missing something important in her life. She also says that she will be left behind as the new things will be reeling past her (65). Not spending money may bring about negative social consequences for example by losing connections with your friends and others hence missing on time to socialize. Therefore, this lack of social interactions with others will make someone feel socially segregated hence may cause stress or make someone get involved in other activities to cover that social gap like substance abuse.

I agree with the author’s arguments on the effects of doing away with shopping for a year. Foregoing shopping cannot make one lose connection with others as there are many other platforms in which people can interact. For instance people can connect/socialize through the social media, visitations or going on journeys together.



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