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The book ‘Life of The Prophet Mohammed’ gives the chronology of events that occur from way before the prophet was born, his lifetime and the various activities he indulged in. the language used in the book is quite a simple  and a direct one. The book can therefore be easily understood by any kind of reader. The storyline revolves around Prophet Mohammed, his lineage and family is also given special attention. The Prophet is viewed as a very righteous person who Allah always took good care of. The book thus lives up to its expectations according to my opinion since it is well structured with a simple and straight to the point of interest and also provides a broad base of information to the reader. The book is also very detailed and leaves no issues unsolved as it narrates the complete life of this particular individual (Oleg page 46).

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It all starts at a small town of Ur where the people have turned away from the true worship of Allah and have turned to the worship of idols and statues. Everybody else does not realize how astray they have gone even though they understood well that the idols could neither solve their problems nor hear their prayers. Abraham, a young sensible boy then comes to the scene; he wonders why the older people are not willing to worship the true God. Abraham later falls into trouble when he tries to explain to his father that the idols are not able to help them. The situation got even uglier when he decided to destroy all the idols except one which was the biggest. The people of Ur therefore decided to punish him severely by burning him alive. Even though the fire did not harm him through Allah’s grace, the people refused to learn and he was sent away into the wilderness (Oleg page 33).

Through Abraham’s lineage the prophet is born and named Mohammed and everybody else was amazed at how kind and disciplined he was. Though he had a troubled childhood, he lived to be a strong and healthy boy and Allah never stopped to protect him in the various situations. He was brought up as an orphan; he did not meet his father who had passed away during a pilgrimage before Mohammed himself was born. Mohammed’s mother had to bring him up as a single parent which she did so perfectly, quite an opposite of what happen in current situations. She also later passed away and was adopted by his grandfather. Unfortunately, the grandfather also died shortly after and thus he had to be adopted by the uncle. Despite all this problems and sorrows one would expect that Mohammed would grow into a troubled person who would have negative attitude towards life but the author portrays him as a calm and very obedient young man (Oleg page 143).

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At the age of twenty five, Mohammed is portrayed by the author as a very righteous person, highly regarded by the people of Mecca both young and old. There is however a turn of events that many readers would have not expected. Mohammed marries Khadija who is a widow and much older than him and he is seen as very delighted when he comes to learn that the lady would wish to marry him. I feel this was the most unlikely thing to happen to the Prophet who was admired by most girls and women alike. Mohammed being a faithful prophet of Allah of course had to expect extraordinary things to happen in his life. The author creates an impression that Mohammed was the most perfect person to ever walk the planet. He spent most of his time in a cave marveling at the greatness of Allah and at one point, Angel Gabriel appears to him and orders him to read but surprisingly enough, he doubts himself and says he did not know how to read. After a long period, the angel finally makes him memorize some verses and then disappeared. Mohammed however felt very afraid and actually thought that the cave he had spent most of his time in was haunted and thought that it was the devil trying to play tricks on him. This is actually the opposite of what most reader would expect from the righteous man who knew and lived by the ways of Allah (Oleg page 43).

As the story proceeds one comes to realize that the book is actually written in such a way that the readers are considered not to have had any prior knowledge on the topic of the story. There are very fine details of what happens at every stage in the life of the prophet. At the early stages of developing the story line, the timing of the events seem to be occurring at very large time intervals probably after years, but as the life of the prophet reaches the climax, the passage of time seem to stagnate and hence a reader who may be interested in keeping the time scale of the chronology of events has to deal with more occurrences of events as the plot proceeds (Oleg page 113).

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Even though the book is mainly on the Islamic faith, save for some little mentioning of Christianity here and there, the storyline is actually enjoyable and even people from other religions can be able to enjoy it. The timing of events is perfect and there is no overlapping of events or confusions in the way events unfold. From the lineage of the prophet, through his childhood, marriage and the wars that he took part in, every single bit is very clear and flows in pros (Oleg page 143).

In conclusion, this book is highly recommended to all readers. There is no biasness in the text since there is no negative portrayal of any other opposing personality or group of individuals based on any ground. The book also makes detailed references from credible sources like the holy book and other manuscripts which are stated directly and not distorted in any way and hence very transparent.

"Life of the Prophet Mohammed". Custom "Life of the Prophet Mohammed" Essay Writing Service || "Life of the Prophet Mohammed" Essay samples, help

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