In his book, The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream, first published in 2006, Obama narrate his early days, his mixed racial background, and the experience of living in different environments. He also throws a lot of focus on the situation of American politics discussing the flaws and issues affecting it, and in the process he postulates options and strategies for changes.

The book has nine chapters on different themes. The first chapter is more political, and it seeks to harmonize the rift between the different political ideals. Obama recounts the unique campaign that made him win as senator of Illinois. He also discusses the factors that have worsened the division in Washington and Congress.

Conventionally, Democrats’ principles and dreams differ with the Republican’s. In his book, however, Obama disagrees with this malicious difference. He explains with believe that development of the nation hugely depends on the participatory involvement of the two parties. In order to rebuild the trust of the citizens, Obama urges the Democrats to strategies and cooperate with the Republicans in a reconciliatory way.

The second chapter discusses the values of being a politician. Obama explains that politician’s moral and esteem as leaders vanishes because of different emerging issues. He condemns bribery, corruption, and stresses, as they have no room in the leadership realm. The technological advancement puts politicians in more limelight, and this exposure makes them more vulnerable to scrutiny for values of integrity. The pressure to retain seats, as Obama explains, contributes to divisiveness with their counterparts, the Republicans.

Barrack Obama studies law as a profession. His knowledge in the historical law allowed him argumentatively postulate that the law is a living and flexible document. It is important to adopt different explanation of law, according to the author.

The author’s discussion on politicians’ values should have spills to the fourth chapter. Using his experience on the campaign for Congress, Obama expounds on the challenges that politicians undergo. Some potential donors, he recounts, demand that their small matters be met even if it undermines the values of a politician or the national spirit. Obama disagrees that a leader should give in to such arguments.

The U.S. has a lot of potentials. The author acknowledges the changes and development of social, cultural, and political sectors of country overtime. Having had the chance to associate and interact with upper class category of people, gives Obama a chance to compare them with the poor. In conclusion from observation, he points out that the economic and educational systems of the U.S. falls short in addressing the poor’s plights. Obama insists that the recommendations of researches should be fully and timely implemented. This was the marginalized get consideration.

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According to Obama, religion plays a significant role in the success of a nation. In his effort to harmonize all religious beliefs, he suggests that there should be distinct separation of the state affairs and religion. If a religion takes side or align itself to a single religion, the other religions feel sidelined. In addition, mutual tolerance and collaboration in the future may be founded on shared faith, he argues.

Obama’s parents came from different races; he was born of a white mother and a black Kenyan father. In his book, Obama explains the significance and opportunity that his racial alienation allowed him. He lived in different places of the world, and this gave him a chance to associate, and interact with diverse groups of people. For a long time, race equality has been a major concern to many nations. The author, however, laments that the daily activities of the citizens still remain influenced by race issues. Some of the intolerance is because of ignorance and newness of such issues to the upcoming generations. In his urge, he calls on the American people to handle the racial matters with great care. Towards the end of his seventh chapter, Obama calls on the Black Americans to strive for their full potentials.

The association of a nation with the outside world is very important. Obama gives as an example the situation of America relation to the outside world arguing that it is demanding. Mutual relationship and partnering in different fields of development remains a key to rebuilding the image of America.

Obama comes back to his family in his last chapter. He also focuses on other American homes, and the challenges that face them. In his view, he describes the middle-class family as even more demanding as both parents may be forced to work away from family. This situation has impacts on the whole family. In his personal account, Obama explains how his family overcame challenges of balancing professionalism and family. Children deserve good foundation and upbringing to succeed in life. The republicans, according to the author, try to inflict traditional family structure, which may be obsolete and unrealistic.

Analytically, The Audacity of Hope, is a book that bears pros and cons. The issues may be politically argued because of Obama’s political profession. However, this does not mean that the arguments are not practical.

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Barack Obama eloquently describes his vision for the country in the book. The proposals he postulates give a good avenue for gauging him according to the inspiration of the country. His vision for the Republicans to work together with the Democrats runs throughout the chapters of the book. Indeed, Obama acknowledges the effects of collective collaboration in the task of building a nation. This is very positive because, at the end of the day, the unity and peace for development is crucial.

On the other hand, this book contains extensive chapters that may be hard to pay attention to for a long time. The broadness of the book may also deter a person from comprehensive reading without losing focus.

In conclusion, this is a good, visionary book that can be used to inspire people. Obama promises to retain the values and principles he believes in throughout his political life.

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