Despite all the ongoing social and economic difficulties beleaguering the poor masses within District 12, wealthy residents of the Capitol and other districts are enjoying a luxurious lifestyle. For instance, the rich family of Peeta Mellark does not experience starvation at all, thereby making the new hunting partner distinct from Katniss and Gales in terms of physical, social and economic attributes. Fully aware that Peeta comes from a richer region of the stratified District 12 and is born in a wealthy family of a well-to-do baker, he is highly esteemed, loveable to all, physically strong among peers throughout the District.

It is evident in “Class in America” that material gains, privileges, opportunity and esteem are associated with wealth of Americans. The rich occupy luxurious neighborhoods, get the best quality of education and treatment in the society comparing with the poor who work for a peanut. These descriptions perfectly suit the rich and powerful game makers of the Capitol in The Hunger Games who normally select participants of the deadly game from poor districts of the Panem but not the Capitol. In the ordinary sense, members of the lower class are likely to be selected for the ill-fated game compared to the high class members.

In conclusion, the theme of class is strongly reflected in the novels The Hunger Games and the The Class in American. The rich grab all the available opportunities and privileges in the society while the poor are downtrodden in an abject poverty. The less fortunate members of the lower class are vulnerable to starvation and selection to participate in the ill-fated Hunger Games, as well as loss of their lives in the coal mines.

and coordinated mental constructs. I also believe that Maddox is right when stating that Picard is irrational and emotional in his view of Data. He supports his opinion by saying that machines fall short of meeting the requirements of sentience set by a human being.

I do not agree with the JAG officers’ final ruling because androids cannot attain similar status and mental abilities that human beings have. If Artificial Intelligence does become possible, then we will not be under any obligation to treat machines ethically because machines, such as androids, are humans’ constructs meant to fulfill their interests and curiosity thus could not attain status similar to the one people possess in the universe.



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