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"Sleepers" by Lorenzo Carcaterra is one of the most incredible, amazing and overwhelming and there can never be enough adjectives to describe this book. Generally, the book is based on a true story and there is no possibility that a fiction writer could be able to come up with such an amazing tale. First, the author spends a significant amount of time describing the background of New York's "Hell's Kitchen as well as his childhood life in and he weaves the story in such a way that at first, the author is inclined to think that the book is a crime book. It is a fact that the background of any given story is very crucial in helping the audience understands what the author is basing his tale on. This is the main reason why Lorenzo spends substantial time in describing his background and early childhood life. The tale takes a rather dramatic twist in the fact that the boys while at the reform school have to endure a horrifying treatment at the hands of the guard.

When the boys finally get out, the memories of the place still haunt them down and at one point of the story; the guard meets an unfortunate end and is murdered. During the trial, an interesting twist to the tale is that the case is handled by two of the other friends of the author one of them being the prosecutor. Some people might actually think that this book is perhaps too deep to be well understood by a teenager. Well, this is a general misconception going by the fact that many teenagers can be able to relate to this book and might find themselves in a similar situation as the author. One thing about the author is that he told the story without censoring the truth. In the book, Lorenzo is trying to speak about the lives in juvenile facilities which are bound to change the public perception regarding such places. This is an objective that he achieves with exact precision which is why this book is so amazing.



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