The author of the book, John Huntsman, gives a descriptive account of his journey to success in the business and corporate worlds by the virtue of integrity. Huntsman holds the belief that business is a creative venture wherein integrity and ethics play a central role. He offers an invaluable technical advice to all categories of aspiring entrepreneurs that the only strategy to succeed in their business endeavors is by observing integrity and business ethics at all the times. To Huntsman, these are the only effective strategies that can adequately sustain businesses even at the times of economic difficulties.

Amidst prevailing temptations to cheat and compromise sound business values during hard economic times; the author gives offer useful tips on how to overcome the challenge through his own personal experiences. Although Huntsman encountered these challenges some time back, the book highlights some of the commonest business challenges as well as their corresponding solutions in the context of present times. As a result of this, the book helps virtually all the upcoming business personalities set right business culture and stick to that which is ethically right on their way to high level success even during hard economic times.

This is one such book that I really find useful and appropriate for all aspiring entrepreneurs and billionaires in the making. The author gives practical ways of succeeding in the business and corporate world by illustrating in every detail how he started from scratch to become a billionaire he is today. It takes courage to soldier on, associate with the right people and observe integrity. The book is written in a simple language to suit all categories of readers. I therefore recommend it for general readership.



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