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Forms of Injustice. Custom Forms of Injustice Essay Writing Service || Forms of Injustice Essay samples, help

In the book by Marcia Texler and Theresa Martinez Intersections of Gender, Race and Class and the chapter ‘All men are not created equal: Asian men in U.S history’ by Yen Le Espiritu the concept of gender discrimination is vehemently depicted. The white employees preferred to give job to the refugee women, but not to the refugee men. Women employmentdominated even when their qualifications were the same as men’s qualifications.(Segal&Martinez, 2007) The employees reasoned that women could work for less money and that they were more prepared to perform certain kind of jobs, e.g. domestic work. With men being unemployed, their roles as the breadwinner has decreased and their self-respect vanished. The females have been discriminated for long period of time, because they have been perceived as weak. Despite the emerging debate on gender equality, the majority of women continue undermining themselves to the extent of believing that they cannot perform some duties. Many men have always believed that women should never take charge of some tasks, e.g. the presidency seat.

The theory of political injustice has been portrayed on Issei, Japanese immigrants to North America.  The bombing of Pearl resulted inthe Japanese immigrants put into custody. In the camps, Issei men were denied the right to vote and the chance to hold offices in community council because of their alien status. Only their U.S born childrn, Nisei, and their grandchildren, Sansei, were allowed to vote and hold offices. This injustice developed an inferiority complex of Issei parents towards their children. Youngsters lost respect of and confidence in their parents. Inability to receive the U.S citizenship for Issei parents made them earn lower wages than Nisei and Sansei, causing a complete erosion of parental authority.A century ago, no white man could believe or absorb the fact that a black man would be a president of the United States of America one day.

Feminism is another concept portrayed in the chapter ‘All men are not created equal: Asian men in U.S history’. Asian men were forced into jobs that are traditionally considered as women’s, such as food preparation, domestic work and laundry work, by labor conditions and gendered immigration policies. The decrease in the number of women working made the privileged white men and women employ the male immigrants as their servants(Wilder, 2000). Nowadays, each gender has been able to perform tasks that were earlier reserved for the other gender. Male hair dressers now have the expertise in female beauty, and you will find that most females wouldprefer men’s services rather than the services of female hairdresser.

The book A Covenant with Color by Craig Steven Wilder has brought forth the concept of racism. The trial of the commissioners of the Almshouse versus Alexander Whistelo, a black man accused by Lucy Williams, is one of the major events. Lucy accused Whistelo of impregnating her and failing to support their daughter. Lucy Williams had had sexual intercourse with a white man but for whatever reasons, she was convinced that the child belonged to Whistelo. A group of race experts presented their finding and most of them proposed the likelihood of the child having the white father. On the basis of servitude, the court concluded that the child belonged to the dark father. The culture of racism has persisted since time in memorial with serious effects experienced in some countries. In countries like Germany skin color and the inability to speak German language has got many people assaulted, stabbed and denied chances of doing some things while being in the country.

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The slavery concept was meant for Africans. They were taken as slaves by the Dutch and the English and have experienced unfair treatment with little or no payment. Slavery was brought to a stop but it is evident that some employers mistreat vulnerable employees who have nowhere to go and no one to turn to. In this book, an instance of abuse of office occurs when a superintendent shoots a black boy. No one should end the life of another person irrespective of who the person is in the society. Other forms of office abuse  include corruption, which has been in existence for long, and despite the serious consequences experienced by the culprits, we never seem to learn. 

Forms of Injustice. Custom Forms of Injustice Essay Writing Service || Forms of Injustice Essay samples, help

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