The American Journey

The American Journey is a book that offers a blend of political as well as societal accounts of the past times with regard to the people of America. It is a clear indication of an endeavor of the American people to live up to their ideals of a continuing expedition. By and large, it is a journey that has become progressively more all-encompassing of diverse racial groups, as well as thoughts. Having an objective of making the history of America available, the authors provide a strong and vivid narrative that furnishes students with the right kind of tools they require to comprehend the history of the United States.

The Authors’ Reasons for Writing the Book

The journey that led the writers to The American Journey apparently commenced in a classroom kind of setting.  The main purpose for writing the book was to assist students to understand the history of the United States. Over the years, students have been subjected to a number of history books without their likes and dislikes being put into consideration.

However, the publication of this book was done in such a way that students’ wishes were taken into account. In this regard, the authors went ahead to find out what was difficult and what was easy for the students to understand. Additionally, they did a thorough research on what they left out and what they consumed in the past editions. Furthermore, the authors studied what connects American students to their own personal experiences, including what actually brings these experiences alive.

In order to make the history of America accessible to students, the authors decided to write a compelling story that is told in an appealing and forthright way. In this regard, students are provided with an abundance of tools that include outlines, graphs, maps, illustrations, and overview tables, among others, with key terms being highlighted.

Effectiveness of the Authors’ Arguments

In many ways, the authors have effectively presented their arguments in a balanced general way that gives the idea of the history of the United States.  In this regard, they have not shied away from taking definite positions on some of the most controversial issues that have flooded the United States. For instance, the nature of the early contacts that took place between the Native Americans and Europeans has been extensively covered.

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The authors also examined the intrigues behind the political crisis that beset the United States in the 1850s, eventually ending in a civil war. The controversial issue of populism and how its supporters fit into the political gamut is also widely examined. When it comes to religion, a subject that most historians have done all they could do to avoid, the authors do not evade dwelling on the issue.

Though it plays a relatively minor role in other texts, the authors have not slighted its influence on the American populace. In this regard, the authors have stressed the importance of religion in the history of the United States as a source of strength. The book also highlights religion in the light of the troubling aspects it has created in the society.

The intricacies of the South and West have also been effectively discussed in the book. The main reason for including this is the fact that the history of the United States has mostly been written from a Northeastern perspective, with many historians avoiding issues regarding the South and West. This has been the cases when it comes to issues involving cities, economic development, as well as reforms. As a result, the South and the West have in most cases been left to develop their own ways of establishing a place in the history of the United States.

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This in essence has been unfair due to the fact that the South and the West remain to be part and parcel of the character of the nation as a whole. It is actually not prudent that certain regions of the nation are left out when discussing the chronological accounts of a nation. Fortunately, the authors of this book were reasonable enough to include the South and the West. By and large, students and instructors will definitely come to the consensus that the authors have been effective in articulating their arguments in a clear and firm way.

An Analysis of the Writing of the Book

Over and above, the book has been well written. This is mainly because the authors included an assortment of features and pedagogical tools that were intended to make the history of the United States available to students. For instance, the student tool kit that is included in the book assists students to get the most out of the book and its features. Students are also introduced to key conventions of historical writing loaded with clear explanations on how to comprehend graphic representations, graph, maps, and tables.

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Additionally, the book also comes with a wide-ranging package of accompanying print and multimedia resources for both, tutors and learners. Again, the book contains the instructor’s resource manual that contains chapter outlines, including detailed chapter overviews, activities, as well as discussion questions. Also available is the information on audiovisual resources that are of much help to instructors when preparing lectures and assignments.

In many ways, the book is effective in expanding the minds of students by taking them through a journey of the history of the United States. The book connects students with the history of the nation by developing their identities, as well as empowering them to get politically and socially involved in living the American dream.


The American Journey is a well written book that engages the minds of students. It is very helpful in avoiding the scholarly trendiness that is evident in most history books. This is because it has avoided the confining categories that have divided the history discipline over the past few decades. The authors have cautiously avoided the debates about multiculturalism and identity that exist between political and social history, as well as the history of the common people and that of the elite. In essence, the book is worth reading for history students.

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