Full Frontal Feminism

Full Frontal Feminism: A Young Woman’s Guide to Why Feminism Matters by Jessica Valenti is a book well researched and thought provoking. The book is particularly appealing since the author has provided a fascinating job of providing an explanation why feminism is a concept that matters to both women and men. Valenti has provided an entertaining piece of work about feminism, written with young women in mind; hence; anybody can learn something from this book. Thus, the book provides compelling information about feminism since the author has used explicit language. Thus, after hearing the term feminist, I think of women who are anti everything with a lot of hatred towards men. The book by Valenti, Full Frontal Feminism: A Young Woman’s Guide to Why Feminism Matters, provides an insight of the misunderstandings about the idea of feminists and feminism. Therefore, the book provides views of the younger generation by describing the term feminism in a modern manner. Valenti provides an explanation why feminism is necessary and relevant to the society, and she attempted to explain why feminism is so damn calm.

The book provides various reasons why feminism is necessary. The author has provided details in the ways in which feminism is still relevant in the society today and the importance attached to it. In addition, she provides suggestions of what can be done to keep the movement intact. The author has provided quotations and statistics that are included in the book. In the first chapters, Valenti starts by asking numerous questions to make the readers involved in deep thinking. She follows her questions in straightforward statements by explaining the importance of feminism and why embracing it is essential in all aspects of women’s lives. Valenti has included substantial information in the chapters that she covered issues on reproductive rights, masculinity, politics, pop-culture, as well as, stay at home mums. The book also contains chapters on sex. These sections cover issues concerning sex and sex education. In addition, the book also contains sections on pop culture and how women are made to feel ashamed of themselves, due to domestic violence. She claims that victims of rape are still the ones being blamed and shamed. Other notable chapters include the history of feminism and politics. Furthermore, the author has provided a detailed explanation by detailing ways in which sexism is used to hurt the ego of men just as much as it hurts women. The book also provides an explanation of the problems of the culture that raises men to be non –emotional, ultra tough, as well as, opposite of the women. The author has detailed intersectionality in other sections of the book, that is, the ways that all the –isms are intersected in messed up ways; for instance, sexism, racism, and classism.

The author has used the book to reach out to young women who are subjected to the impression that feminism is not a fresh idea. Furthermore, she states that being a feminist makes an individual be an anti everything. This means that an individual becomes anti-sex, anti-men, as well as, anti-make up. In addition, the author had many misgivings herself by calling herself a feminist after realizing it from personal experience how many young women have rejected the idea of calling themselves feminists since they think that the term is not appropriate. Feminism is a heavy stuff but is something that every feminist must embrace and be conversant and consciously aware of. The author has described that a lot of infighting among feminists is because of some thought by certain women thinking that they are confronted with sexism. Valenti provides an explanation that it is particularly necessary for women to realize the differences amongst them according to race, age, and class, as well. This is necessary to keep the women’s movement flourishing.

The author has also attacked the health facilities, for instance, on page 88 the author has made various claims that pharmacists are not efficient in their work because they are not dispensing emergency contraception to the younger women. In her opinion, she supports that notion that legislation should be passed to ensure that healthcare providers do their jobs excellently. However, the manner in which the author provides a description of drugs is terribly discouraging to the audience who may opt to undertake a medical profession. However, the author pointed out in the book that not all women are feminists, particularly by the virtue that they possess ovaries. Thus, her views are open and provide powerful messages to the audience. I strongly support the idea that Valenti wrote the book to express her opinion in a highly entertaining manner. It is necessary for people to obtain further education, in order to, have a clear understanding on feminism. Therefore, it is necessary to note that the book, Full Frontal Feminism: A Young Woman’s Guide to Why Feminism Matters, follows suit.

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