The historians, who study witchcraft and the period of early America confirm the long shadow, left by Salem witch hunt of 1962. They also understand the distortions and misconceptions, brought by this shadow. The book describes the number of witches, accused in Salem, and those, who inhabited the rest of New England during the 17th century. The trials of the accused individuals considered as an enormous abnormality. However, it was perceived to be precious, since a majority of cases involving witchcraft cases, was generated in the colonial America (Godbeer, 2005, p.).

It is not easy to understand the sense of witchcraft, since these acts are difficult to explain. The author provides a neutral, but detailed description of the trials in Salem. The events began in 1962, in the household of the Wescots, with their seventeenth -year -old servant, Katherine Branch, who went through extremely dangerous evil property. Katherine provided a description of the devil through illustrations. On the other hand, Katherine‘s colleagues encouraged her to the dangerous actions. Her employers were well acquainted with her behavior. Consequently, their own daughter demonstrated the same state, which was very difficult to manage (Godbeer, 2005).

In my opinion, witchcraft is possible , taking into consideration the case of Branch, but all the facts, that demonstrate the cases of witchcraft do not have to be taken for granted. However, even in the current century, witchcraft exists and those, who have close links with witchcraft are also suspected in practicing it.



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