Friedman’s Sense

In the past five years there has been a development of technology that has helped the businesses to globalize. The computers used to access the internets have developed for example the ipad computer. Phones and internet devices have also developed like the iphone farmers can now access all they need online knowing the prevailing prices in the market. The stocks of a company can be bought online and the supply chain is now easy as customers can order a firm’s products online. This has made it attractive for every business to go online, as shown by desire of even traditional businesses like Amazon going online.

Due to globalization my ability to get a job has improved. Because of the many businesses going global to get a wider market for there products, there is an increased for more workers. Businesses need more workers to work in their branches all over the world, but at the same time there is a need for workers to sharpen their skills as they face a wider competition from other workers.

I am partially for the idea that “the world is not flat (in Friedman’s sense of the term) because many under-developed countries are not connected electronically.’’ This is because Internet has cut across the world even in the most under-developed countries. Cheaper ways of connecting to the internet have been developed; Individuals can now access the internet through there phones cheaply and with ease. Businesses that are therefore online can reach even the most under-developed countries. The under-countries are becoming more attractive to businesses, because of the wider market for their products and the availability of cheap labor. On the other hand, the internet has not been able to reach other under-developed countries, where even the basic infrastructure is lacking. Most of individuals cannot afford to buy phones or computers. In other under-developed countries there is high illiteracy that they know nothing of the internet.

The globalization of the world has also brought negative effects with it. It brought about ethical issues (customer privacy) discuss further. Individuals and businesses are becoming more and more global oriented rather than regional. They are initiating strategies so as enter and compete favorably. Through e-commerce businesses can reach emerging economies like India, Brazil, china and other third world countries. In conclusion, the globalization played a big role in making the world flat in sense discussed by Friedman.



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