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In the book Ransom by David Malouf, women and men are in different roles and thus bringing social inequality. These two genders have different worlds as a result of the impacts of the ongoing western civilization war, the focus remains on the world of fate. Malouf tells the reader of how the character by the name Achilles that gets barred from the female world that is of rituals around grief. The author has a mythic form in the Australian literature and in this book he retells the story of the central mythology of the western civilization and the slavery among women and power and rule among men.

Achilles recalls his own childhood, when he was a little boy he had a natural talent of being the one with nature, a child of the universe that would be drawn to the characteristics of the mother. This is a mythological aspect in literature whereby Malouf employs the natural sense of the universe to support the position of men in Greek world.  The superiority of man is evident in the whole book as it entails the encounter between the Trojan king and Achilles. Achilles revenged by killing Hector who was a brave warrior of the Trojan king in a war. Men are in a world of as people with power and rule in the entire book (David, 2011).

Women in this book have a low position in the social equality, for instance, the Somax’s description of his daughter in law’s method of preparing pancakes is a notable instance by the author to the reader over the issue of the social equality versus hierarchy whereby the position of women and that of women totally differs in the book ransom. Malouf takes the reader into the world of the Illiad in order to come up with an exploration of new and imaginative dimensions, new epics and new possibilities that are present by the Homer’s epic. However, the war continues to revolve around a troy and at the end the king Pram announces for another time the position of an observer and acts resolutely to get the body of hector home. The following conversation is a convincing evidence of the difference in the worlds of men and women, “He lifts his head, turns his face to the chill air that moves in across the gulf, and tastes its sharp salt on his lip. The sea surface bellies and glistens, a lustrous silver-blue  a membrane stretched to a bright transparency where once, for nine changes of the moon, he had hung curled in a dream of preexistent” (David, 2011, 3).

The stallions of homer get replaced by common cart drawn by two mules, one of the mules has the name beauty this signifies that beauty is not a crucial factor to the mission of priam or destruction of troy. This is a symbolic world of literature that applies to show that place of woman as individuals who had no power to be equal in the society despite their looks. In addition, the ending sentence of the novel ransom about the power and the application of the book to a woman is evident in the following extract; “A charming creature, big-eyed and sleek, she bore the name of Beauty—and very appropriately too, it seems which the case is not always” (David, 2011, 219).

The chief reason as to why the author puts a boundary between the world of the females and the world of the males is on the basis of the philosophical views if Plato and reinforced by Aristotle of the essence of beauty. According to the two thinkers, beauty is an abstract concept that is not applicable in the real world. This explains the reason as to why most women in this novel that basis on the western civilization associates women with slavery. On the other hand, men are as powerful individuals and leaders as they have inborn talent of power in accordance to the author of the book.

Ransom by David Malouf. Custom Ransom by David Malouf Essay Writing Service || Ransom by David Malouf Essay samples, help

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