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Different Views of the Mexican War. Custom Different Views of the Mexican War Essay Writing Service || Different Views of the Mexican War Essay samples, help

In the middle of the 19th century, conflict erupted between the Northern and Southern states because of slavery. More slaves were required to work in factories in the Northern territories; furthermore, the industrialists from the Northern states thought that if slaves were freed, the slaves would migrate from the South and provide them with labor. However, Polk did not resolve the issue of slavery during his tenure as the U.S president. After the acquisition of vast territories under his leadership, various battles of the issue of slavery emerged to the forefront. The conflict arose, because many Northerners wanted a halt over the spread of slavery into the new territories, since they opposed to the institution and never wanted to compete against it economically. On the other hand, the southerners had an opinion that if slavery was thwarted, then the arid West would not support cotton, hence would be putting the institution under danger, as well as their way of life. Thus, they never supported the congregational mandate to coerce them on what they could do with their personal effects.

Polk attempted to support two possibilities to solve the impending issue. For instance, he wanted to extend the Missouri Compromise line towards the Pacific Ocean, this was meant to restrict slavery to the Southern territories of the latitude 36° 30'. Secondly, he wanted to popularize sovereignty, so that citizens within the territories would make a decision on whether to allow slavery; however, slavery continued to dominate the nation until the Civil War erupted.

Thus, due to the mistake of irresponsibility in leadership, the Southerners were prompted by profound ideological differences that existed due to the exploitation of slavery. The other political conflicts arose because of cultural and social differences that existed in the regions. The main issue that led to the conflicts was slavery.

Why US almost Go to War with Great Britain

There were various reasons why Britain almost went to war with America. First, Britain wanted to seize American ships by claiming that sailors were British deserters, and wanted to press into service on their ships. Eventually, they also seized cargoes on the high seas, in order to abstract the ships from falling into the French possession. They never listened to the protests from Americans. Furthermore, there was a desire among the Britons to annex Canada, a sparsely populated nation. There was a notion that the Canadians wanted to join Americans, but the campaigns never materialized.


Polk’s presidency offered limited practical experiences to the successors of the US presidency. There are various lessons that could be learned from Polk’s presidency. These included fundamental tenets, such as handwork, respect for his cabinet and political savvy. Depending on these work habits and personality of Polk, it is necessary for the next U.S presidents to understand looming problems and be conversant with the effects of the actions and the implications for the public policy. Therefore, it is necessary for the next U.S presidents to be clear on their goals and ideals. Furthermore, they need to respect and allow their advisors and cabinet to have a freedom to delegate their responsibility to their best.

Different Views of the Mexican War. Custom Different Views of the Mexican War Essay Writing Service || Different Views of the Mexican War Essay samples, help

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