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The name of the character Lockwood indicates him not gaining the right of entry into the compound. Lockwood describes the house as unfriendly on his first visit at that place. He says that being that the house the construction of the house happened in 1500, it was bound to be impassable. The windows are narrow, the corners the house are made of jutting pebbles. The position of the window near the Oak bed shows an invasion of privacy. Although the name of Catherine is embedded on the exterior of the bed, her weepy ghost can not access the room as a result of Lockwood not being sympathetic. Violence is symbolized as blood gushes from Catherine wrist when she tries to cross the boundary. Ironically, Heathcliff uses the exact window as her passage when she runs away. She does not want to use the door because she is afraid of the dogs reacting in fear. She opens the lock on the window and uses the fig tree to get herself on the ground. In the book, many incidents depict the houses as being called prisons and the people living inside referred to as prisoners.

Later when the domestic problems are solved, Lockwood notices that the whole talk about prison has disappeared. Lockwood says there was no need for him to go over the gate or bang the gate as it was already opened. The residents of the house were standing near the windows talking but this time they only looked at him with curiosity as he got into their resident. Lockwood past still haunts him as he can not prevent himself from interfering with other people privacy. All through the book, he is portrayed as a character that stares and spy at people using the window. He either breaks down the windows or leave them open.

Coincidentally, the window of the spacious drawing room at Thrush cross looks big and merry in comparison to the windows found at Wuthering Heights. As opposed to being constricted and extremely set, it has unrestricted settings in the backyard together with the green valley and the beautiful interior of the home. Catherine together with Heathcliff goes out on a spying mission on Edgar with Isabella (Spariosu 123).

The window of the drawing room initiates a view of the other world. It looks welcoming to Catherine but throw out Heathcliff from Thrushcross. He makes his clarifications through the portions of the glass. He confirms this statement by saying that he is taking the role of spy ad if Catherine wanted to come back he would break down the glass window into small pieces not until he is allowed in the house. Heathcliff appearance is symbolic in nature as it compares the eyes of Heathcliff as a window that does not provide easy access, because it is deeply hidden.  The houses in the book are of great importance as the revenge scheme is as a result of claiming possession of both houses. Although the book is a display of love and affection, Heathcliff resolution is to own the houses and not getting Catherine back from Edgar.

The two homes are the direct opposite of one another. Heights home does not have a warm atmosphere. There are no chairs, and the house is disorganized. The atmosphere there dictates a turbulent weather .Thrush cross Grange defines sophistication, classy lifestyle and modesty. The height is positioned on a hilltop but Grange is tranquil and sheltered downward on a valley. At the start of the novel, Heathcliff    has possession of the two houses but later on when Lockwood realizes that there is some writing at the door with the name Harleton Earnshaw he acknowledges that his family is no longer in possession of the house. This is because the inheritance laws seem to be dishonored as the house is taken over (Bronte 106).
The two houses are located between the natural setting and an isolated moor. Although there is a war unfolding between nature and the society traditions, the Wuthering Heights house is connected to natural habitat .Lockwood indicates that the house is the periphery of the turmoil. The moor is interpreted differently by diverse persons. Lockwood insists that the moor acts as a confusing area in the whole scenario. This is because Lockwood gets confused and finds it hard to find his way around. It happens mostly when there is snow as to him the whole area is occupied with holes and bottomless swamps. The marshy areas at times can lead to accidents and even death.

At the time Heathclif send Nelly and Cathy to prison he starts gossips in Gimmerton that they were involved in the Blackhorse marsh he was the one who had come to their rescue. As much as the moor depicts danger and the threat it is also filled with ambiguity, and spirituality.
It acts as a basis of solace and comfort which act as a break from the prison ambience in the Wuthering Heights. Catherine together with Heathcliff feels that the moor is a supernatural area and in order to achieve total freedom one has to rove in the moor. They frequently portray their affection and their personal entity identities throughout the images of the environment. Catherine last wish is to be let out and taken there as this is emphasized with Heathcliff analogy.

Catherine says that she wishes she was a girl and she would be free to wander in the valleys. She hopes that one day the windows would be opened wide once more. Catherine shares the same identity of disorder and cruelty .Catherine console herself by comparing her matrimony to her partner Edgar Linton. She says that her love for her husband is the same as the undergrowth that grows in the forests. Heathcliff physical outlook is a subject of continuous comparisons to the natural world. She says that the valley is productive and situated on a hill. There is no clear distinction between the natural world and modernization. Cathy desires to run away from home and engage in recreation at the moor just like the mother.

Hareton gradually starts trusting her and take her on a tour of the trust by giving her a guided tour of some of the usual features found in the environs at the countryside. Catherine ghost at the start of the book is a psychic figure that claims not to be around for many years. While Heathcliff insist to get an explanation for the turmoil that happens caused by Catherine ghost. The ghosts found in Wuthering Heights signify a past that needs to be considered.

The last chapters in the book Nelly addresses Lockwood and tells him that it is common knowledge that Heathcliff ghost exist and some people confess of seeing the ghost next to the church. It has been spotted at the moor and inside the house. The news could be termed true or false. As much as the villagers claim to have seen the ghosts, it proves that Lockwood is telling the truth. The villagers might be sharing similar superstitions like John. Nelly happens to be cynical about the survival of ghosts. Nelly explains to Lockwood she has never seen the ghosts and may be it was just phantom thoughts when he was wandering in the moor by himself. The story about the ghost happens in the night. Lockwood spends the night in his bed before his nightmares begin. He views it as a place that he can relax and be protected against Heath cliff.

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