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James Knox Polk, a candidate of the Democratic Party in 1844, became the US president between 1845 and1849; however, he remains largely forgotten today, in the popular US imagination, because memories concerning his presidency had been overcome by memories of the most famous presidents like Abraham Lincoln. Remembrance of Polk as the 11th U.S president can be more despised than loved by many, because, as a leader, he resorted to expand the US territory by all means. His presidency deserves scrutiny, since he oversaw an era of intense internal agreement in the nation that led to the outbreak of the Civil War in the 19th century. He served a one-term presidency, and his predecessor was John Tyler.

Polk became one of the most aggressive and productive men to hold the U.S presidency. During his reign, a major event in his administration was the Mexican war that fit neatly with his expansionist policies. He was considered the last strong pre-Civil war president. Polk is widely noted for his successes in the foreign policy. Furthermore, he threatened Britain with war over an issue, in which the US owned the Oregon Country, after backing away over ownership of the Oregon region with Britain. Hence, during his tenure, the Oregon issue was solved between the US and Britain in which both states agreed to do partitioning of the Pacific Northwest at the 49th parallel. Eventually the territory of the US extended to the Pacific Ocean.

During his presidency, Polk added many acres to the American territory. For instance, the most famous is Texas, which originally had been part of Mexico. A critical review of his controversial actions, as well as the philosophy of Manifest Destiny, the book attempts to present a review of his presidency, whose leadership led to various changes in the US topography. Thus, the memory of Polk’s presidency was a mixture of both celebration and defamation. He was celebrated, because he added more land to the US territory; on the other hand, he is defamed, because he led the nation into unnecessary Civil War.

Definition of Manifest Destiny

Manifest destiny was a common phrase or belief, which was used to invoke the idea of the territorial expansion of the US across the North American continent from the Atlantic to the pacific. This common belief justified the war with Mexico. This provided a superior moral right to the US, to govern regions, particularly with respect to Texas, and an alternative of the Mexican alternative, and was applied to the Oregon territory. Manifest destiny was a common phrase that was easily understood and adopted by political parties. Initially it was incorporated by platforms of Whig, but later absorbed into the platforms of republican parties.

Reason why James K. Polk was the Manifest Destiny President

James K. Polk was considered the Man of Manifest Destiny and often ranked in or near the top ten U.S presidents. Polk joined the office with four main goals, all of which he accomplished. First, he made a pledge to make a resolution to the Oregon Territory border with Britain. Secondly, he pledged to solve a dispute within the Texas border. In addition, he wanted to acquire New Mexico from Mexico, as well as California. In addition, Polk established an independent treasury system in the U.S and reduced tariffs. He was a dedicated man who knew what he wanted to accomplish. Polk believed that he had to fulfill his public obligation. During his tenure as the president, Polk was a hardworking person and involved himself in many details as the 11th president of the U.S.

Polk is the manifest destiny president, since he advocated for the idea that the U.S was preordained to spread from coast to coast. Many Americans supported the views of Polk for the territorial expansion, and as the president of the U.S, he agreed to resolve the dispute at the Oregon territory with Britain at the 49 parallel. Furthermore, his representatives negotiated on a treaty that ended the Mexican war. His efforts made the US increase by millions of square miles by acquiring the states of Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Utah and Nevada.

James Knox Polk. Custom James Knox Polk Essay Writing Service || James Knox Polk Essay samples, help

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