Hazardous Homes in Herculaneum

Residents of Herculaneum, a small town in Missouri, should be compensated for the poisoning that Doe Run’s lead smelting Company causes. This is because this company has some hazardous effects to these people. The government should protect the health of these people to ensure that these people have comfortable lives. Failure to do this will burden these people in the future; eventually, they will spend a lot of their income on medical bills. This would have been prevented by the government cleaning up Doe Run’s lead wastes.

The government seems not to emphasize much on the lives of the residents of Herculaneum. This is because the government does not provide preventive measures that will solve Doe Run’s crisis for good. Contrary to this, the government provides just some advice to the people; the government is telling people not to drink tea. Instead, according to the government, people should eat more eggs, liver and whole grain bread. This is a moral violation since the government seeks to make the lives of people very mechanical. The government is also burdening these people since putting people on this diet will mean more spending to the people. Therefore, the government should put more pressure on the Company, not residents.

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The company should take the responsibility of cleaning up the waste in Herculaneum. The company should make the future of the residents of this town secure. This is because, unless this issue is addresses, a lot of problems will face these residents.

Case &.2: Poverty and Pollution

Pollution should be controlled by governments, and poor people should not be victims of pollution. The governments need to address this and secure the lives of all citizens, rich and poor. In this article, poor people are presented to suffer the blunt end of pollution. A lot of toxic materials are released to the environment, and poor people suffer since the dumping sites are placed near the residences of the poor. Many of these people are helpless since they cannot afford t live in other places.

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Some people feel that placing dumpsites near the residences of the poor is a price that all nations have to pay for progress. However, this is a moral violation in that this will be undermining the lives of the people. All people, rich and poor, contribute to the development of all countries. In fact, the poor provide indispensable services to the growth of any economy. These dumpsites are hazardous to the lives of the poor, and the poor pay heavy medical bills. This does not help their economic situation since most of their incomes goes to cater for medical bills. In fact, the lives of people living near dumpsites are cut by 10%.

The government should provide cheap housing, elsewhere, to people living near dumpsites. Jobs should also be created to offer these people since people feel that these dumpsites provide jobs for them. With good jobs and good living standards, the poor will provide a lot to the economy.

Case 7.4: The Fight over the Redwoods

In this scenario, the spotlight is on the environmental impact that deforestation causes. Maxxam has been in the lumber business for a very long time, and the backbone of this company relies on these trees. The government, on the other hand, feels that this case should be changed; regulatory measures have been placed, and the company has closed down.

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It is not morally permissible for private companies to have full control of the timber they own. This is because these companies may end up overharvesting these trees, and this will have a very negative environmental impact. First, the company will focus much on the commercial benefits of such timberlands, and the environmental factors will be secondary to this. Many timberlands are crucial investments to any country not only as a form of economic purposes, but also in terms of environmental benefits. Such timberlands control the climate of a place, and this determines whether the surrounding areas receive the best climate for activities such as farming. All people in the world require arm products, and degrading the environment will lead to a lot of food crisis.

Hurwitz is a responsible businessman who is respected by people who work for him. However, he leads to environmental degradation. He should balance his charisma with environmental conservation, and this will not only contribute to good relations with people around him, but the government will also acknowledge his efforts and help in assisting him in his business.

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