Bruce Lee: Fighting Spirit by Thomas Bruce

Bruce Thomas, the author of the book “Bruce Lee: Fighting Spirit” was a long time student the traditionally Chinese sport of martial arts. He vividly shares his passion of the sport using his vast knowledge about its history and roots. He gives a detailed account of Bruce Lee in his quest to attain fame through his own game, “Jeet Kun Do”. This book, in the writer’s own fluency and passion, details the life of Bruce Lee from his tender age on the small streets of Hong Kong, China to Hollywood stardom. Thomas focuses on Bruce Lee’s obsession with martial arts and portrays him as an idol who was a fighter who could not be tamed whatsoever. He uses prose to deliver his main message of telling the life story of Bruce Lee and glorifying him in all aspects. Martial Arts, which stands out in the entire story, serves as a representation of the Chinese culture which, to a hugely significant extent, is given international by Bruce Lee and his adventures in the arts scene, especially with his ultimate fame in Hollywood. The biography is a well researched piece of work that clearly on Bruce Lee’s passions and how he sold martial arts outside China into America as well as other parts of the globe.

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The author reached considerable lengths in making sure his final piece was an interestingly acceptable read. He dwells mostly on the strong points of Bruce Lee. As serious fanatic of Martial Arts, Thomas Bruce seems to be driven by a kind of sycophantic force to praise the man who appears to be his own role Model. They share the name “Bruce”, which may indicate his dear affection of the man in at the center of discussion in this piece of writing. He depicts Bruce Lee as an invincible person who, in spite of his demise at the prime of his life, had earned immense fame from the arts industry. He narrates the story of his character with the persuasion for people to consider him the greatest fighter the world has ever seen. He narrates what Bruce Lee had to go through before he finally got his due honor. To get international regard and appreciation, Bruce Lee had to go through some tremendously trying moments, from the story by Thomas Bruce. This is, incidentally, in harmony with much other existing historical documentation about Bruce Lee.

Being a musician as his line of trade, Thomas Bruce has lots of insights in the price of stardom and fame, which summarize the main theme of his book. Thomas talks about Bruce Lee in different sections of his writing. He, in one part, details the general life experiences and history of his central character. He gives a clue to Bruce Lee’s young life, his experiences in Hong Kong and his struggle to find acceptance in the United States. He also talks about Lee’s high desire of, and interaction with women. Ultimately, Thomas gives a detailed account of Bruce Lee’s life as a highly spirited fighter.

Bruce Lee grew up on the streets of Hong Kong in China where he was born. In his hometown, he slowly began to display his prowess in martial arts through performances in different competition. He earned recognition in his own backyard though this was not instantly noticed on the global arena. Thomas Bruce has a well researched report of Bruce Lee’s quest to climb to the top. The struggle was a tough one for Lee. To have his name recognized in the United States of America took a lot of hard work and patience. America, being traditionally a pop culture nation, did look down upon Bruce Lee’s artistic capabilities. His was a purely Chinese entertainment activity that Americans could not accept as easily as anyone would expect.

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Being Chinese, Bruce Lee was a despised figure not only in Hollywood during his initial appearances in the entertainment studios. He faced a number of challenges and suffered from a great deal of setbacks on his way to fame. When he eventually achieved some appreciable success in his hometown of Hong Kong, the American entertainment began to notice and appreciate the potential that rested in Bruce Lee. While in Hollywood, his troubles continued for some time.  People in Hollywood subjected to tormenting racial abuses inside the Hollywood Studio System. He was kept away from the top screen plays for at first before allowing to showcase his talent a satisfactorily. America had finally realized that Bruce Lee was worth of recognition and deserved some more space and time on the big screen.

From Thomas Bruce’s account, it is evident that Bruce Lee was a perfectionist who did all he had with his strength and might to ensure it attracted the attention of his audience.  This kind of attitude is particularly the main cause of his name as it stood and still stands both in his own homeland and beyond. He always did work, kept thinking and performed his mesmerizing acts in the theater. Besides glorifying Bruce Lee throughout the text, Thomas Bruce somewhat portrays him as a tragic figure whose main aim was earning acceptance. Unfortunately, Lee never achieved global recognition and honor till his death.

Bruce Lee had such a complex character. He had so much confidence in himself that people at times mistook this quality for arrogance and unduly imposed self-worth. Thomas Bruce handles this complicated aspect of Lee in a balanced and adequately researched manner.  Though he mentions of Bruce Lee’s unpleasant behavior at some moments, he is quick to come up with justifying points for the conduct of his revered character. One would conclude that this justification could be due to Thomas Bruce’s immense adoration of Bruce Lee who may be a kind of role model. Thomas is also a fanatic of martial and may easily find ways of defending his idol from any accusations.

In spite of Thomas Bruce’s efforts to shed light on the life, experiences and achievements of Bruce Lee, there are several critical issues that he fails to provide factual merits. One drawback to his piece of writing is the fact he relies heavily on quotes extracted from videos and films available. In reality, videos incorporate not only Bruce Lee’s dexterity and power but also many other people’s input who took part in the final production. He does not take into account the fact that technology can play an extremely influential role in adding to the beauty of theatrical releases that people see as video and films. Thomas fails to make use of other historical records outside the studio systems, making his explanations and narration of Bruce Lee’s story a much theoretical experience.

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Another point of concern, despite the elevated status of Bruce Lee as one of the greatest fighters in the world; is that in all accounts, Thomas does not mention any specific scene in which Bruce Lee is enjoined in a real fight. The only anchor of Thomas’ praises of Lee is solely the artistic performances in which he participated while in Hong Kong and the studios of Hollywood. This is not sufficient information to give a person such a highly rated regard in the fighting arena. People like Mohamed Ali did take part in real fights; that is why they have the due respect being revered as potent fighters. Using screen performance to qualify Bruce Lee, the way Thomas has done in his book, is utterly inadequate and needs more tangible evidence to back such glorifying remarks.

Though he tumbles on several occasions, Thomas Bruce succeeds in using his book as a single volume with a detailed account of a person who did exceptionally well in cinemas and martial arts. He is quite in order portraying Bruce Lee as one true icon in martial arts and excellent performer in screen plays. Since Bruce Lee had full confidence in himself as the best in martial arts, and his excellence in his theatrical acts as a martial artist, the author does wonderfully well in bringing out the exceptional qualities that Lee demonstrated on the screen for the time he spent as a performer in his homeland, and more so, in Hollywood where his star shone brightly across all continents. Thomas gives the true impression of Lee as both an astonishing athlete and a charming a charming actor that won the affection of his audience.

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