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Water is seen to be the cause of serious conflicts among nations. Although water is significant in human living, it has contributed to violent wars, where it has led to the confusion to know the relationship between water and security. In history, many conflicts occurred due to use of water as the weapon.

Many people in the world prefer using water in different tasks, such as washing clothes, watering their gardens, growing food and others. It is seen to be economically, politically and environmentally advantageous to improve the efficiency and conservation of water in the nation, as a way of increasing the supply of water in the coming future. By cutting the waste, it is easy to help the economy and the environment, which will lead to the adequacy of water in the coming future. Different organizations have been introduced to the conservation of water, so that water was not misused, and people got the knowledge on measures on how to preserve water. In year 1987, an organization was introduced to discipline and deal with the water conservation for water sustain. So, that it can deal with issues of water in the nation. The organization was set to examine the issues of impact of climatic change on water, role of water in the conflicts, efficiency of water and its conservation. Under the conservation of water, new approach should be introduced, so as water can be managed, and proper use of water is urgently found.

Evapo-transpiration and rainfall are the main ways of water flow in the hydrology system. Therefore, water is useful in meat and food production, since water plays a crucial role in the enterprise of agriculture, thus, the decrease in the amount of water in the nation may lead to poor production in agriculture. Agriculture consists of livestock production, and it is the biggest water consumer in the world. Irrigation is one of the major causes of water consumption, and when there is a shortage of rainfalls in the globe, which means that water loss will be rapid, since it will be mostly used in the agricultural sector. Deforestation of the natural resources has damaged the biodiversity, and thus, climate, which in turn has destroyed ecosystems of many nations.

International community needs to join efforts, and help third-world countries eradicate this issue that costs lives of many. It is a new generation, and basic needs such as water need, should not be a problem for people from any background. The world has progressed in technology advancements and is now able to apply it, easing our lives (Coux 34). By this, government can improve the situation in the countries fighting with water crisis, and in ensuring that this issue is gone for good. The only possible solution is the controlling water sources in dry areas, and improving conditions and quality of water there. Specifically, the government should ensure that the water deficient area have access not only to water, but safe drinking water. On the other hand, people should appreciate this and help the organizations involved in the projects of restoration of water sources.

Recently, Kenya lost the first African woman Nobel Prize winner, who fought for the environment presentment. Water is connected to all aspects of the environment we are in. Wangari Mathai, who was the Nobel Prize winner, believed in tree planting and protection of forests. From the above analysis, it is evident, that there is an interrelationship between water production and water sustainability. It is, therefore, everyone is responsible for water preservation. After all, they are many beneficiaries in the entire process.

To summarize, it is clearly evident, that water is essential and is the most precious resource in human life. Therefore, water should be preserved for our own sake, and for next generations. With the climatic change, researchers say that this may be impossible due to the unpredictable changes that happen every day. However, with the high percentage of water in the land mass, organizations responsible for this will find strategies of preserving the water we already have.

Using Water. Custom Using Water Essay Writing Service || Using Water Essay samples, help

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