Species Interactions

In nature, no organisms exist in isolation. There exists species interaction where one organism has an effect on the other organism within the ecology. This relationship can either be interspecific or intraspecific. Intraspecific interaction occurs where members of the same species compete for similar resources such as light, food and shelter in the ecosystem whereas interspecific interaction is where species of a different kind compete for same resources such as food and shelter within the ecosystem.

As an individual, I have various interactions with organisms, both interspecific and intraspecific. These interactions are symbiotic, predatory, mutuality, competition, parasitic and commensalisms. As I witnessed there were various interspecific interaction such as a predatory-prey relationship where I had to eat a chicken for lunch, the relationship between slaughter men who had to slaughter a cow to provide meat for the college canteen.

There was also an intraspecific mutual relationship between a cab driver and a passenger where the cab driver benefited from the fare given while the passenger benefited from the service, a mutual relationship between a student whom we exchanged biology course book with a geography course book. I benefited by learning biology while he learnt geography, mutual relationship between the student and lecturers where the student benefits from the teachings of the tutor and the tutor benefits from payments made by the students. Mutual relationship between me and the college where the college benefit from the fee I pay while I benefit from services offered by the college.

A competitive relationship between students in the canteen to be served first and with the best meal, competition between students to sit in the first row in a lecture theatre, competition among students to have a sit in the college bus. Commensalism relationship where one benefits and the other is neither harmed nor benefit from the relationship, e.g. where a person walks besides a policeman in a crime infested area he benefits from the presence of the policeman while the policeman is neither harmed nor does he benefit.

In nature, there exists interspecific predatory-prey relationship between a lion (predator) and the gazelle (prey) where the lion kills the gazelle for food. The hawk kills a chicken for food and eagles catch fish for food.

There exists an intraspecific competitive relationship between buffalos in a national park for grass, shelter and water. There is interspecific competitive relationship between the buffalos, gazelles, elephants, and gazelles for the same grass, water and shelter. There is also competition for light among tall plants and short plants.

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There exists a mutual relationship between a buffalo and a bird where the bird benefits by feeding on the ticks on the buffalos body while the buffalo benefits in that the bird helps to get rid of the ticks, a mutual relationship between a bee and a flowery plant where the bee gets nectar and it helps the plant in cross pollination.

There exists a commensalisms relationship between a rhino and the egret bird. The egret benefits by eating the insects that flies along the rhino’s way while the rhino does not benefit nor loose.

It is necessary to recognize this interaction among species since they are important for community heritability, which can be used in the study of genetics (Bailey, 2004), it is also important for conservation especially of the endangered species (Suzanne, 2003), the interaction can be of use in the study of the transition of species within the savannah grassland.

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