Skin Tones

Skin tone simply refers to the color of the skin. This is determined by the amount of melanin the skin contains. Diverse skin tones require different levels of care due to their differences in the amount of melanin, especially when it comes to outdoors.  This paper will briefly discuss about different skin tones and give recommendations for the type of makeup suitable for each skin tone.

Skin Tones

The human skin comes in different colors. It is important that we know our skin tones. This will help in applying the right type of make-up. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the American Academy of Dermatology, there are six skin types. The different skin tones are light, fair, medium, olive, brown and black Classification on the type of skin is based on two things namely a person’s sensitivity to UV light from the sun’s rays and a person’s skin tone. It is vital that people know their skin tone as this will not only help them to better protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays but also be able to be match hair and clothing color to suit the body. A simple distinction of the skin will however be either warm or cool skin (Fair & Flawless and Luttton).     

Applying Makeup

It is amazing how many people wear makeup products that are not suited for their skin tone. This is not only unhealthy for the skin but also some women end up looking like clowns. Different types of skin tones need different types of make-ups. This paper will discuss while giving recommendations on the different types of make-up that women can use depending on their skin tone. With skin products all over the market, one can easily achieve the skin tone they want but more important is that the results (Fair & Flawless and Olvera, 2011).  

Skin type 1 (light)

This is the lightest and is usually prone to burn according to classification. People with this type of skin burn easily, do not turn and have a very sensitive skin. People with this type of skin should be cautioned against UV light. For those people with a very fair skin, burn before they tan with a pink or porcelain undertones, they are advised to choose pink. The most faltering makeup for people with this type of skin is to use makeup colors in the pink family (Olvera, 2011).

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Skin type 2 (Fair)

This is the white skin that is described as ‘fair.’ The people with this kind of skin should consider wearing sandy pink tones in order to compliment their skin tone (Olvera, 2011).

Skin type 3 (Medium)

Medium skin ranges from white to light brown and is sometimes subject to sunburn.

The people with this type of skin should consider wearing brown-tinged makeup (Olvera, 2011).

Skin type 4 (Olive)

This is the moderate brown skin and is especially common among the people of Mediterranean descent. The sun’s rays do not burn this type of skin. Makeup considerations for this type of skin russet and terracotta vary from soft or deep browns to velvety chocolates (Olvera, 2011). 

Skin type 5 (brown)

This type of skin will rarely burn when exposed to the sun. Makeup considerations for this type of skin include deep rose tones and golden browns and plums (Olvera, 2011).

Skin type 6 (Black)

This is for African American with deep complexion or any other dark skin color. Very dark brown to black skin that has double melanin of the light skin, the skin does not burn when exposed to the sun. Makeup considerations for this type of skin include dark bronzes and rich reds (Olvera, 2011).

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