The primate being observed is a gorilla. It is scientifically known as Gorilla gorilla gorilla. This gorilla has long forearms whose length is almost the same with body length. This is because as it stands, one can clearly see the forearms are long enough in such a way they almost touch the ground when it is standing. The hind limbs are a bit shorter as compared to the forearms. The gorilla uses forearms and hind limbs while moving as well as the hind limbs at times while moving. While moving, the forearms are always positioned at the front. Unfortunately, the gorilla does not have a tail (The Gorilla King).

The gorilla has five fingers in each forearm making the total number of fingers to be ten. It also has five toes in each foot making the total number of toes to be ten. The thumb is positioned at the corner of the palm is such a way that when the palm is facing upside down, the thumbs are facing each other. For the big toe, it is positioned on the foot in such a manner that both the big toes are facing each other all the time. Gorillas use their grasping hands to move, feed and grasp the surface of trees as they climb trees. While feeding, they usually hold the food in their hands and direct it towards the mouth. They feed while seated or while standing. Gorillas are very clean and they use their hands to comb their hair. Sometimes they assist each other is grooming (The Gorilla King).

It can be seen that gorillas spend most of their free time resting. This does not mean that they sleep. The just seat down in a group and they socialize. In the video, the individual in charge of the group is a male gorilla known as Titus and he is the main focus in the video. It can be seen that the gorilla like spending their free time together. The young ones can be seen playing with each other and also with their parents. Their play behaviors involve running around and chasing each other. However, there are some negative encounters which can be seen between Titus and another male gorilla who is the second oldest from Titus. They engage themselves in a fight. The male-to-female interaction is friendly. The male usually watch over the female as they play with the young ones or as they feed them. For the male-to-male interaction, it is friendly too but sometimes they engage in small fights especially while trying to protect their females and young ones. The females interact friendly with each other. This kind of relationship is also seen between the adults and the infants as well as between the juveniles (The Gorilla King).

As a conclusion, this species compare a lot with humans. Just like humans, the gorillas are social, friendly and compassionate towards each other. This can be clearly seen as they interact with each other and as they interact with the researchers in the video. Their feeding characters also compare with those of human. They feed while seated or while standing with their hands.

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