DNA Structure

The human biology and diseases have been learned after the discovery of DNA structure, but it has not reveled much. This is due to the inability of determination of its relation to nature and the underlying causes of diseases. The DNA is icon of breeding and definition of genetics as it provides the explanation of mutation and varieties. Though it does not recognize its environment interaction, it plays a significant role in the human diseases.

Mutation of genes leads to a disease through inheritance of generations, which leads to biological changes. Mutations from single gene have emphasized the notion of human diseases emanating from the alteration of the DNA implying that their trait is caused by the helix corruption. Genes have been said to contribute to the common diseases, but the mutation must have characteristics different from single gene mutation having small genetic effects. This mutation may interact with the environment and lifestyles leading to health disparities. The environment affects the regulation of critical gene in addition to mutation altering its functions.

This collaboration changes specific genes’ activity interrupting the aspect of cell metabolism, thus nurturing the ultimate diseases. Exposure to the environment and the course of genes influence disease development. Some of the genetic variations have the tendency of conveying certain diseases due to inability to predict the genetic coding. A predictive genetic coding will provide knowledge in relation to medicine revolution. The understanding of genome application can help in medicine development.

An analysis of the key genetic variations can enhance the understanding of individual response to drugs. Lifestyle is also a feature that enhances drug response which influences the genetic conditions. It is thus understandable that the environment combined with the human lifestyle, in addition to the alteration of some genes has the effects of susceptibility on common diseases. The outcome may be complex if there are multiple genetic variations with multiple environments (Chakravart & Little, 2003).



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