The Role of Nature in American Art

Art has been known to be part and parcel of our daily living since the ancient days whereby cavemen painted on walls to express their inspirational feelings and ideas that are brought about by nature. It has been known to represent nature through its beauty, social systems and spiritual concept through the connection of our conscious and sub-consciousness. Art comes in so many forms, that are paintings, drawings, sculptures that would include carvings, models, assemblages and constructions, printing, use of electronic media such as digitized graphics, ceramic, computer, Visual graphic Design, photography textualisation and use of computers and other related electronic devices.

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Nature among the American people has always drawn true inspiration of life using art from flower decorations, interior design, modelling and many more. Not only natural beauty but also nature has been transformed also by technology hence the creation of genetic engineering and artificial intelligence (Kwintessential, 2011). This as really shaped the American citizens to have a better meaning and communication with the environment. As Amy Lowell once quoted, Art is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in; For instant, look at our surrounding, whatever we sit on, is a design inspired by nature and creativity of a man, whatever we wore, the decoration in them are also inspired by nature. All this comes from creativity which is meant to appreciate and creativity is part of the art and these shows, people can communicate with art in nature.

With this trend in nature, most of the American people embrace nature by spending enough time at places of natural beauty as they admire some decorations created whether in the garden, portraits or created pictures so that they can find such experiences to refreshing their minds, hearts and soul. As once Lorne Warburton attributed, nature is very healing and I think for someone to view an image with a human element helps them to identify a sense of being there.

It is known from the ancient America, most of the art in nature inspiration came from one of the greatest artist who have since encouraged the meaning of nature in among the American nature of which people enjoy especially through their times of leisure. The inspiration came from Nampeyó (1859?-1942) who was know by the name Hopi potter and María Martínez (1881?-1980) and Julián Martínez (1897-1943).

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It is because of this, lots of museums such as Genesee Country Village & Museum have been built to educate any visitors to understand the lives and times of the American citizens since independence. This gives an understanding about the origins of customs, traditions, social values and the change in their lifestyles.

It is known that, in American history, there has been a relationship between art and history which has been giving a sense of evolution hence defining what American art concept means. In this regard, art materials made from nature have offered a platform to education among schools and civil rights in America about its independence where people go to museum galleries to see art. Images of social and military conflicts, those people who fought for independence in the nineteenth century are found hanging around every museum in America through carvings or drawings. For example, Stuart's portraits of George Washington, which are portrayed in wood carvings, embroidery. These are a kind of appreciation to the heroes of the nation which is accorded by using nature in art.

In beauty industry, nature has managed to inspire creativity in jewelry whereby necklaces and bungles are designed through natural materials such as woods, beads of which they go unnoticed if not well observed. Both Ethical health and beauty products in America are also part and parcel of the American nature. Modeling has taken center stage where the art of creativity is needed through the clothes you wear of which it should have symbolic meaning to what you are displaying to the world. Most colleges have been opened to educate and pass the meaning of nature in art. For examples, colleges such as the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America have come up with a one year Orientation Course. This shows the education part appreciates what nature has in store for the Americans through the visionary feeling for landscape and nature.

It should be concluded that, are in nature has been known to have always possessed some sacred places among the American tribes. Its main objective has been to have a self discovery through finding out the truth about life and its surroundings hence motivating them to think deeply as they admire nature, the soul of the art, a communication between people and nature. Whatever that was created to represent beauty in America, should be considered as a very big universal idea (Kwintessential, 2011).

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One of the people who was a photographer have been inspired by nature through learning from people once shared his message and what he loved about the environment by saying, "I'm trying to be like land. You plant a grain and you have a plant. I have the energy to grow things to give to others." This shows the kind of motivation nature has given to him. The surrounding consists of Gods creation. And this creation is what is used to inspire one to aspire more in art in nature.

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