Broadway Show is Phantom

It begins with the terrorization of the cast and crew of French Opera House by the opera ghost while it was tutoring a chorus girl. Then, he drives lead soprano crazy, she and the friend leave (Gaston, 16). Then the girl is able to sing, and lead one night, however, soprano do not want her to steal the show, so she comes back. The ghost orders that, they should keep giving his protégé the leading roles. Meanwhile, one of the pupils’s falls in love with Vicomte de Chagny, nevertheless, the phantom outraged with love and ends up kidnapping Christine to be his bride, but Raoul comes and have her as his bride.

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Phantom is all about two things. It’s about the plot of the show, and it’s about itself, about the spectacle, about the near-cult status. It is set around Opera House in 1881 Paris, phantom talks about a disfigured genius who stops at nothing in seeing his protégé; Christine comes to the stage singing his works. Here, phantom is seen as an “angel of music” and she was promised protection from the father when he dies. On Christine’s eve of successful debut, the patron’s new theater’s, rich Raoul realizes that Christine is a childhood friend also smitten. So begins the competition for Christine between Raoul and Phantom. In the heart, Phantom is all about obsessive pursuit of something, anything giving peace to the pursuer. At times, revenge was the object of pursuit, riches or recognition, and in the end, it is a redeeming love quality, the ones that redeem both loved and the lover.

Basing on the horror novel by Gaston Leroux in 1910, that was adapted to the countless films, “The Phantom of the Opera” is following a composer who is deformed and haunts the “grand Paris Opera House”. As it was sheltered from the outside world in a cavern which was placed underground, there is the lonely and romantic man who tutors and then composes operas for Christine; she was a gorgeous and young soprano star to become (Gaston, 16). As Christine started shining, a handsome suitor then comes into the picture. Here, the phantom grows mad; he terrorized the owners of the opera house and the company in a murderous way. Still, the mystery man ends up with Christine. The audience will agree that the phantom of the opera is the broadways longest-running hit ever.

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The phantom of the opera is both scary and romantic; it is also thrilling night of the theater which involves grand emotions. Webber’s score was with his beloved song signature, “Music of the Night”, he sets the mood but someone might find himself or herself humming, gorgeous period of costumes and being simple yet grand sets (here, even the famous chandelier that falls slower than expected is a thrill). Lush and grand opera romance seem not to be their cup of tea. Also, the phantom is frightening person. The phantom of the opera is old fashioned, scare moments throughout a plunging dead from the noose, shrieking-for-their-lives ballerinas, this is disfigured face. As it is presented, the sights are horrific and at the same time appetizing to the eye.

Musically, the phantom of the opera is one of all the time beloved music by Andrew Lloyd Weber’. It was set in the famous Paris Opera house 1911, the phantom of Opera tells stories of the phantom recluse living in the opera house. He then becomes enamored with Opera’s star singer Christine. He then spends time while training her to sing to the full potential she had. As members of the audience, we just watch their story as it progresses with songs e.g. “Think me”, “The Mirror/Angel of Music”, and then it shows the namesake “phantom of the opera”. When other men start giving attention to Christine, the phantom becomes unhappy and directly shows her his displeasure through brooding, the organ accompanied song.

Eventually, when Christine discovers phantom secret liar, she speaks to him honestly for the first time. Then phantom allows Christine to see his deformed face, and then explain to her how he wishes to be a normal man just like everyone else. In any case, nobody believed that Christine was telling the truth about phantom. Finally, Raoul and phantom fought over Christine for they were both in love with her, and both of them wanted a hand in marriage. Thereafter, Christine is forced to decide who to marry between the one who rely loved her also owes her success (phantom) and the one she loves.

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The songs and music by Webber are both touching and haunting at the same time. Many of the songs are ingrained into pop culture and still manages to tug your heartstrings that you may think you have heard them for the first time (Gaston, 16). It still delivers better scenes and through the judgment by sheer invention, onstage talent and emotional punch, the block buster that is vulnerable still beats out many of the shippers nippers’ currently on the Broadway. Also, the flamboyant Maria Bjornson’s with gothic design and Prince’s Harold fantastical staging still having the gleam of the finally polished professionalism.

In conclusion, the audience after the show proved that it was not the case at all. The audience still gasps at more surprising scenes and moments the same time applauding the final lines; this was sung by phantom in the movie and still gusto and is found at freshly-opened hit by Broadway. The phantom of opera has proved that it has it, and with no doubt, it will continue proving it, for quite a while to come. 

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