Sculptures at surroundings satisfy the art and artist. Sculptures at public places not only beautify the surrounding but also satisfy the artist’s greed for appreciation. “A promise is a cloud” is subsidiary of Public art fund. The major theme behind the organization and the exhibition framed to expose the artist’s work at public places. It is neither a high tech nor a complex art work, but it is a sophisticated piece of sculpture that not only enchants the viewer’s eye but also beautify the surroundings.

The “Public art fund” is the largest exhibition arranged that have more than 30 years of history of arranging the exhibitions of art and sculpture. It has engaged the artists on the large level and formed a theme of public oriented art work. The sculpture work they produce includes the ancient and contemporary approach. However, the sophistication is on the top by preparing the art work and arranging an exhibition for general public.

My visit to the “A promise is a cloud” has made me shocked. The sculptures I saw in the exhibition are quite similar to the sculptures, which are at public places. But, the new and unique approach of aesthetics presented in the exhibited sculptures has tremendous attraction in it. Furthermore, the general and near to original shape sculptures get the attraction itself.

I have seen several pieces of sculptures at exhibition and found all of this sculpture very beautiful and sophisticated. But, I like the most the sculpture for snow. Its sophisticated design attracts the viewer and visitors and the artistic turns made it a very unique and attractive triangle. Furthermore, its aluminum paint blushes in the sunlight. Altogether, the overall exhibition was great but for me that sculpture was the most artistic, sophisticated and attractive.



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