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The successful company always has a system of rewards for its employees. It is a necessary condition that provides the company with the additional motivation of the employees to perform better at work place. One of the best ways to motivate the workers to implement their duties with great efficiency is the money reward. It works almost in each situation. However, it lasts for not a long time. For some workers, the good working conditions, flexible schedule or pleasant work environment could be better motivation to work harder. It does not mean that they do not want to earn more money. However, it means that they will start to look for other work opportunity, if the company will not change its policy.   

Types of Reward

The particular Burger Boy has some problems which interfere with effective work of the team. The reasons that are causing problems are coming from both external and internal environment. Within the collective, there is a definite problem of not understanding the issues of each member. Marge needs to be out of work no later than 2:30 every day. She has to meet her daughter from school. However, she is ignored by the assistant store manager. Moreover, she is not good for position on the front drive-thru window. Leon is tired to come to work and cope with huge stocking job. Otis is tired to work 10-12 hours per day and he is definitely not satisfied with his wages. It makes the impact on his attitude to work. The absence of several workers created extra difficulties for accomplishment of work. The external problem related to a big amount of customers that makes the pressure on workers, as they do not have time to serve them. There is a lack of communications skills in workers. Hard conditions of work are not compensated by the pleasant atmosphere in team. There is no motivation for the employees of the Burger Boy to show a good quality of work. It has to be something changed. It would be better to apply a few types of the reward to the workers.   

Some of these problems could be solved by the compensation. Otis is ready to work overtime, but he wants to earn more salary. The increase in his outcome would make him to calm and concentrate on the building a good work environment. It would also organize him to make sure the lunch shift stocks items. It would entail the solving of Leon problem. He does not need the pay compensation. The best reward for him could be the implementation by Otis of his direct duties. From this, we could see that, there is also another type of reward except money compensation. For Marge, the reward would be the ability to come from work before 2:30 without asking the permission of the manager. The cook was unexpectedly rewarded by words for his job. If the manager do it a little bit more often, the cook was more efficient. Chuck offered help to Marge and did not get any comment from Otis. The behaviour of the assistant store manager could lead to situation, in which workers would not be motivated to perform better at their tasks. It is hard for workers to give a good performance, when work conditions are not appropriate for them. In this case, a lot of work unbalanced the relationship between workers. However, it could have been escaped, if the manager has created all possible conditions to motivate their subordinates. Of course, a good payment would provide large work efficiency from the employees, but it would work only for a very short period of time. People get used to the salary and become less efficient, if the manager does not provide decent work conditions. It is also important for the human resources department to hire people that could work with each other as a one team.

Some people tend to work more hours in order to earn more money. For people who desperately need money, the extra hours is a reward. In our case, Chuck had extra hours of work. However, he was not so happy with that. May be he do not need them and this extra hours make him tired and hungry. His feelings will not allow him to get the satisfactory from the job and decrease the level of motivation. The cook works less than Chuck and seems happier, because for him the extra hours are not a reward. The regular schedule makes him less tired. It keeps him more restrained at work. Some people just need to feel themselves comfortable at work and do not need the pay reward for additional time of work.

Making the conclusion, it is true to say that situation in the Burger Boy could be changed for the better, if the top management will create an individual reward system for each worker.

Types of Reward. Custom Types of Reward Essay Writing Service || Types of Reward Essay samples, help

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