Consumer International

The consumer international website refers to a website that informs consumers of significant issues that they should know, such as, their rights. It features two hundred and twenty member organizations, in one hundred and fifteen countries. This paper looks at the main purpose of the website.

The main purpose of the website involves informing customers of the things that they should know, and help them. The website offers information about the consumer international group that builds powerful international movement that helps protect, and empower consumers in the world (Fazal, 2011). Consumer international website acts as the most realizable way of providing consumers with information about the consumer international group. The group works towards safeguarding the rights of consumers at the centre of decision-making.

The website provides information about the work of consumer international. Consumer international works as a global watchdog against those campaigns or anything that threatens, abuses or ignores the principles of consumer protection. Therefore, the website provides information that can help consumers understand their rights.


Another purpose of the website involves bringing together consumers, in different countries. The website provides information that touch consumers, in the world. For instance, people in different countries can access the website, and read the information put on it. The information in the website comes from different countries, such as, South Africa, China and the United Kingdom. The information may help consumers' access information, which may help them. For example, the website contains information that shows shops that sell counterfeit drugs, in Hong Kong. This information warns consumers, all over the world against buying counterfeit drugs from such shops (Hong Kong: Consumer Council to publish names of shops selling counterfeit drugs, 2011).

The website has helped provide information to consumers, hence, positively influenced their purchasing behaviors. It has also helped manufacturers, shops, retailers, and other business people and organizations provide quality services and products, to consumers.



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